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radio interviews!

The Australian radio channel Nova recently interviewed Hayley about Glee, R’n’B music and more! Listen to it HERE.

There’s also an interview of Taylor. Check it out:

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The Only Exception on Glee

A cover of The Only Exception was performed by Lea Michelle on Glee a week ago. It went #4 on iTunes. Listen to the cover here:

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Josh’s birthday!

Today is Josh Farro’s 23rd birthday, I want to wish him a happy birthday on behalf of all of us here at Paramore Online! May he have a lot of gifts and eat a lot of cake today :)

Today is also the first birthday of “brand new eyes”, time flies…

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The Top 50 hottest lads of 2010

Sugarscape.com has chosen 50 of the hottest lads of 2010, and our beloved Josh is number two! Click here to see the full list of the hottest lads. ;)

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GMG Welcomes Paramore + photos

Green Music Group welcomed Paramore to GMG last weekend, because of their Honda Civic Tour that supports green values. Here are some pictures of that event:

Also, Hayley is on the cover of the Finnish “Demi” magazine, their October issue. The pictures are the same ones that were used for the Special SPIN magazine, but there’s one that I personally hadn’t seen before. She looks gorgeous. We have scans of the magazine, unfortunately it’s all in Finnish of course, but I won’t translate it because it’s mainly quotes from the SPIN magazine or other English articles. Nothing new there. :)

TheHundreds.com attended Paramore’s show in Anaheim, CA, and took some pretty sweet pictures. The confetti thing is so cool! There’s also a picture of Chad and Hayley after the show. Can you believe the HCT is already over?

Josh’s birthday is in five days! So is the first birthday of “brand new eyes”, can’t believe it… it just came out right?

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Paramore is nominated for “The Best Alternative” at the European Music Awards (MTV). You can vote for them here, they’re up against Muse, Vampire Weekend etc. Vote as many times as you can!

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