25 Feb 2009

New picture on their MySpace + New designs on MySpace and LJ Community

New Profile Picture

New Designs


08 Feb 2009

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

Happy 24th birthday Mister Jeremy Davis!, we all here at Paramore Online hope you are having an awesome birthday with all your familly and friends..

…have fun and thanks for making us happy when you’re on stage.

07 Feb 2009

New LJ Posts from Josh!


I miss you guys so much….seriously.
will be posting a blog shortly! much much love!

heres a little taste of the China trip Zac and I went on!

China….and other stuff.

Hey guys,
Wow its been forever! I apologize for that. No excuses there. I know I already said it, but I miss you guys a lot! I miss touring in general a ton. But I am stoked on this new record. Its going to be amazing. We’ve been in the studio for about a week just writing and it’s sounding GREAT! Cant wait for you guys to hear it. Please be praying for us. We have a HUGE time crunch for this record because we are heading out on the No Doubt tour, which is so sweet!
As for China many of you were wondering why Zac and I went. Well I will tell you right now :). There is an orphanage over in the city of Lou Yang called “Maria’s Big House of Hope”. I dont know if any of you are familiar with the artist, Steven Curtis Chapman, but it was started by him and his wife basically. The building is named after, Maria Chapman, who they lost recently to a car accident. The most beautiful thing is that because Maria passed.. the building is carrying on her legacy in a way and is going to save hundreds of orphans. Its amazing what God can do through one person/family. Its an orphanage that takes in special needs children and they operate them. After operating on them they keep then until hopefully a family adopts them. What Zac and I (and a few other friends) went over to do is finish up the orphanage. They had a room full of cribs and beds that needed assembled for the kids before it opened. So we volunteered to help! Along with doing that we visited other orphanages and just hung out with the most beautiful children ever. It was really heart breaking to see them so happy having so little. It really was hard leaving knowing that I was going back to my comfortable home with my big family and I was leaving them there with no one. Of course they have nannies and each other but thats nothing compared to real family. It really was a life changing experience and I hope to go again very very soon. I dont know what you all are doing with your lives, but I would highly encourage you to consider going… not necessarily to China but to some orphanage just to go love on kids. They need it.
So yea, that’s basically it… I’ve got to run because its practice time and I am late!! yikes! I will be posting more frequently, I promise. See ya guys!

31 Jan 2009

back from the almost dead pt. II [New LJ Post]

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make sure to go to the LJ community and check this out. i’m so siked… can’t believe it’s been nearly 2 years.
thanks for making “PARAMOREMUSIC” a place where people can be themselves. i think it rules.
and thanks, sann-lily. (nevergiveup_x), for bringing this back.

29 Jan 2009

Ultimate Guitar Josh Interview

Much like the new vampire phenomenon Twilight, the musicians in Paramore have connected with a massive audience – and it only seems to be growing after a Grammy nomination and Guitar Hero/Rock Band appearances. It’s been a whirlwind past few years for the Tennessee-based quartet (and possibly soon-to-be quintet), and things have gotten even sweeter after being selected to be a featured artist on the Twilight soundtrack with the singles “Decode” and “I Caught Myself“. While singer Hayley Williams’ commanding stage presence, astounding range, and heartfelt lyrics might have caught the attention of fans at first, it is guitarist Josh Farro who often took the reins when it came to writing the music on 2007’s Riot! Farro considers himself a fairly straightforward guitarist and uses few effects, but it’s very possible that we’ll see a more experimental side to him when Riot’s follow-up hits shelves next year.

In the meantime, fans can get their Paramore fix with either the new CD/DVD The Final Riot! or checking out what the band has created most recently on the new Twilight soundtrack. The lead single “Decode” does relay a darker, more intense musical side to Paramore, and Farro told Ultimate-Guitar that there will be more surprises to come in the music he’s writing for the upcoming album. When we asked if the new album would sound anything like Arcade Fire – a comparison made recently by drummer Zac Farro – let’s just say that the guitarist quickly set the record straight.

UG: Congratulations on all of your success this year! Thanks for talking with me today.

Josh: Dude, no problem! I’m stoked. They told me, and then I totally forgot that I go to that site all the time, especially when I was learning how to play. That’s crazy. I’m kind of in shock right now!

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29 Jan 2009

New interview (Josh)