18 Apr 2017

‘5more’ update: the home stretch

Paramore have been teasing fans with signs towards an upcoming announcement of some sort. The chaos all started after a vague tweet from Hayley that fans thought was 5more related. 
Soon after this tweet, each member of the band individually and all of Paramore’s social media accounts changed their profile picture to a pretty pink and purplish-blue gradient. 

As if the gradient didn’t break the fanbase enough, a couple of days following the profile pictures were updated to reveal part of an image.

To add to all the excitement, a new picture of Paramore has been added to Apple Music. The Paramore fanbase is buzzing with theories and excitement for what is to come. 

There’s no doubt that new Paramore is almost here, and it’s already aesthetically pleasing and refreshing! Make sure to keep a close eye on all of Paramore’s social media and sign up for the newsletter on to keep updated on the latest Paramore news. 

09 Apr 2017

Hayley and Taylor performing with Halfnoise in Nashville

Hayley and Taylor joined Zac Farro and Halfnoise on stage at the band’s ‘The Velvet Face’ EP release party at the Lucky Bamboo China Bistro in Nashville, TN last night. Hayley sang with Zac during many Halfnoise songs and then they also covered Radiohead’s ‘House of Cards’ together.

Go to our gallery to see new photos from last night.


Videos of the performance can be seen below.

03 Apr 2017

Hints toward the fifth album or are Paramore just really happy?

Hopefully it’s both! With growing anticipation towards the release of album five, Paramore have taken a liking to fanart drawn by Alex Carlos via instagram.

To take things to take the next level, Hayley updated her Instagram with a series of photos of the drawn picture of her, eventually zooming out on the smile on the drawing’s face.

Shortly after on Twitter, the band seemed to all agree on one ’emotion’. You guessed it.


Although nobody knows whether this is a ‘happy’ hint towards album five or just Paramore being Paramore, the band is keeping fans curious and eager for album five news. Regardless, album five is on it’s way! Make sure to sign up for the official Paramore newsletter to keep updated with all things Paramore here.

25 Mar 2017

Hayley featured in “Can You Deal?” zines by Bleached

Hayley contributed to a project called “Can You Deal” compiled by Jennifer Clavin from the band Bleached. “Can You Deal?” is a collection of experience’s by women in the music industry using essays, stories, art, poetry, and lyrics. The zines talk about the frustrations of gender having importance over music and the desperate need to stop being defined by sex. You can preorder the zine for only 12 dollars here. All proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood and the zine is limited to 1000 copies. You can also listen to the official “Can You Deal” spotify playlist that features “Still Into You” by Paramore and a reading of Hayley’s personal essay here. A list of fellow contributors included can be found below.

22 Mar 2017

Listen to it early: The Velvet Face ep by HalfNoise

You can listen to “The Velvet Face” Ep by HalfNoise via Congrats Records two days before it’s release below! Make sure to preorder the EP here. Also, don’t forget to purchase tickets for the album’s release show on April 8th in Nashville at the Lucky Bamboo here.

You’re in for a treat with this EP!

22 Mar 2017

HalfNoise presents: The Velvet Face EP – available everywhere March 24th.

There are only three more days until the release of The Velvet Face EP by HalfNoise via Congrats Records. Only six months after the release of  the album “Sudden Feeling”, the EP is described by Zac to show another side of Halfnoise.

“I really gave it everything on this EP. I really just looked at myself in the mirror, and I felt like I saw the lighthearted side of myself and I also saw the pain and the sadness that I’ve been though, through breakups. I guess in a weird way it’s kind of a self portrait” – Zac Farro on “The Velvet Face Ep”.

The tracklist and album artwork for the five song EP can be found below.

1. Scooby’s In The Back
2. French Class
3. As U Wave (ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore)
4. Someday
5. Velvet Face

“French Class” and “Scooby’s In the Back” are available to stream on HalfNoise’s Spotify and instantly downloadable when you preorder the album on iTunes.  A music video for the groovy tune “French Class”, directed by Zac Farro himself, can be watched below.

Additionally, The Velvet Face EP release party will be held on April 8th and located at the Lucky Bamboo in Nashville. The release show will go from 8:30pm-1:00am and will include drinks, dancing, tunes, and more. Don’t miss out on this special night, especially when tickets are only five dollars! Purchase of tickets and more information are located here. Make sure to keep updated with all things HalfNoise: Twitter FacebookYoutube – Website/Store