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Live stream Paramore’s performance

Paramore is set to play at KROQ’s Weenie Roast tonight. They take the stage at 6:35 PM PST, if you can’t make it to the show you can listen here – http://kroq.cbslocal.com


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Paramore perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Paramore took the stage today on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which marks their first TV performance of the After Laughter album cycle. The band performed 4 songs and the crowd sang along to every song word for word. The show airs tonight May 17th!

You can see new photos from the show in our gallery, there’s lots of HQ photos too.

We have also added lots of photos of Hayley at the backstage, see those here.


The bands setlist and few videos from the show can be seen below.

Hard Times
Ain’t It Fun
That’s What You Get
Told You So


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Taylor talks to PBS News Hour about recording new album at the RCA Studio A

As part of their documentary series ‘Culture At Risk’ PBS News Hour reported of downtown Nashville being a backbone of the nation’s music industry for years and how the increasing demand for new apartments and office buildings is threatening its historic music spaces.

In this short video of the documentary Taylor is talking about the RCA Studio A and we can also see Paramore working on their new album at the studio!

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Happy 26th birthday Taylor!

Taylor York is celebrating his 26th birthday today. Happy birthday Taylor! You can go wish him a happy birthday on Paramore’s Twitter or Facebook.

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Taylor with friends at a book release party

Taylor York was spending time with friends at a book release party at the Wilder shop in Nashville, TN last week. Go to our gallery to see new photos with Zac Farro and other friends.


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New photos: Taylor spotted by fans in Redding, CA

Taylor was spotted by fans in Redding, CA yesterday while Paramore was spending their day off from tour in California. He was visiting the In-N-Out Burger restaurant. Go to our gallery to see new photos with fans.


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