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Paramore in Manila, Philippines

According to @ManilaConcerts on Twitter, Paramore will be playing a show in Manila, Philippines on February 15th, 2013. More information on their blog, over here.

Paramore in Manila in 2010

This piece of news has not been confirmed by the band’s label or management yet, so we apologize if it turns out to be false information. We’ll let you know if and when it’s confirmed. If the show is happening, it’ll be posted on paramore.net for sure. However, the band is in Australia in Feb/March so it would make sense to tour in Asia as well.

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Footage from Leeds

If you want to watch Paramore’s whole set from Leeds festival, watch the videos below.

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Footage from Reading

If you want to check out footage from Paramore’s latest concert in Reading, watch the videos below!
The videos are sorted in the order of the setlist.

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Footage from Belfast

Here are videos from Paramore’s concert in Belfast. The videos are in the same order as the setlist was played except for That’s What You Get and Careful are missing because they could not be found on Youtube.

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Jeremy’s flip

A new video of Jeremy doing the famous Pressure flip over Taylor has been posted on Paramore.net! The footage was shot at Reading festival.

Check it out below.

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Paramore meets fans at Reading&Leeds

Some lucky fans were able to briefly meet Paramore at the Reading and Leeds Festivals last Friday and Saturday. NME, in affiliation with Spotify, had their annual signing tent, and Paramore was one of the bands who did a signing there. Some fans queued for more than five hours to say hello to their idols. We have now added pictures from the signing into our gallery, check them out and try to see if you recognize anyone, like yourself! ;)

Reading Festival 2012 > NME & Spotify Signing (24.08.2012)

Leeds Festival 2012 > NME & Spotify Signing (25.08.2012)

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