29 Sep 2012

Hayley’s Tumblr update

Hayley finally got to meet her boyfriend Chad again. She has updated her Tumblr once again with a picture of herself and Chad.


#Hogwarts #butterwasted

27 Sep 2012

New picture on Tumblr

Hayley has posted a new picture of herself and Chad on her Tumblr. The picture can also be found in our gallery.

2 days and I get to hang with this hunk!!!

09 Jun 2012

Paramore on Instagram & Tumblr

The band recently created a Tumblr and Instagram account to keep the fans updated on their working process of their 4th album. They’ve posted a couple exciting studio pictures!
Follow @ParamoreStudio on Instagram or on Tumblr to keep yourself updated. You can also click on the picture below to get to their official Tumblr page.

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24 May 2012

Mobile Stream pics from Taylor and Hayley

Props to @schzimmydeanie for stayin’ up late with me! – Hayley


Rehearsing with @ournameisfun over Skype! – Hayley

#foodtweet – Hayley

I don’t think I could live without this. – Taylor

And last but definitely not least, Hayley updated her personal Tumblr with the following:

Forgot to blarg about how much fun Unique LA was this past weekend! So many talented people there and I’m still a bit little jealous that my crafty/artisan skills aren’t up to par. I will have to just start gluing things like little sticks together and painting them bright colors and then maybe someone will buy them from me? Can’t wait to go back!


Blurry love photos. I never really post these but sometimes it feels nice to share the butterflies. ; ))