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SPIN magazine readers poll results

Hayley won the category Sex Goddess Of The Year !

Paramore took 4th place  in Artist Of The Year, 3rd in Best Live Artist and 3rd in Best Album Of The Year!

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New LJ entry from Hayley

Rather be alive

so, i have thought long and hard about it.

i was going to stop posting here. i was trying to think about where i could move it to, or if i should even continue at all to try and communicate directly like this with y’all. it isn’t that i don’t enjoy it or that i think something like this is so great that it should be considered a reward… it’s not… but it’s just that this place, our bloggy community, had become something that i hoped it wouldn’t.

not sure if you will agree or disagree but i feel like “paramoremusic” is on the up and up. not really sure where we are at with “paramoreband” but i guess we shall see in time. i’m going to keep posting here. i’m not going to reply to negative comments, so as not to encourage any more stupid people to come in and get some sort of rise out of me… and if i do my part then i hope you all will do your part to encourage more positivity around this place.

the thing that i hope everyone takes away from this direct line we have to you guys is the fact that just because we may have a song on the radio, or sold “this many” records and done “this many” things… we are just the same as we’ve always been. sure, we’ve changed. BUT. we are the same 5 people who started the band in 2004. we don’t believe any hype that may be written about us… and we all realize that in one single day it could all be gone. what matters is this. the connection. that’s what outlives any good write up… it outweighs the number of records sold… it means the most. and that’s why i can’t let any negative hype that is created right here push me away from keeping this thing going.

so again, do your part and i’ll do mine. the guys (if they decide to come in and post haha) will do theirs.


Link here

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new Paramore.net video + New Year message!

check out this new paramore.net video from Paramore in Paris(France)!

also, here’s a little Happy New Year message from Paramore:

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Hayley’s Birthday!

Today is Hayley’s 21st birthday!

Go wish her a happy birthday on her twitter (@yelyahwilliams), the livejournal community (paramore_music or paramoreband)!

So Hayley, Happy birthday from pmoreonline!

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Hayley releasing some Bamboozle 2010 info

View the adorable video here.

And just so you know, Paramore is featured in the new NME magazine, but don’t bother buying it, if you go to Twitter and the official Paramore LiveJournal community, you’ll know why. It was not a very good article.

And in other news, the last show of the tour is today! It’s in London, at the Wembley Arena, which is so far the biggest place Paramore has ever played in! Lets see what kind of surprises the fans get there…

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Happy 20th birthday Taylor!

We’re a day late, but hopefully you’ll forgive us! We all from Paramore Online want to wish Taylor York a fantastic 20th birthday! Hopefully the next years will be as great as so far.

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