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‘brand new eyes’ to premiere next week

brand new eyes is set to premiere next week on paramore.net and myspace.com/paramore. The date is currently unknown, but rumored to be this upcoming Monday.

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TGIF [New LJ Post– Sept 11]

it’s been a really lazy day around here. watched Madea Goes To Jail… ate a bunch of healthy shiz… i’m useless today. can’t all days be this easy?

taylor and i are going to be heading up to NYC sunday morning… we’re going to the VMAs! so stoked that the VMAs are at Radio City this year. i remember watching the ceremony as a kid and thinking that Radio City seemed like the Emerald City. only its not emerald… and no wizards or anything like that. anyways, it just seemed surreal. so, as you can imagine, i’m pretty excited to get to go there myself. we’re not performing or presenting, just going to hang out and have a good time. however, we are up for an award. strong competition, folks!!! i highly doubt we’ll be beating out the likes of Coldplay… but i’m stoked nonetheless. i wasn’t going to wear a dress… didn’t feel like it… but the closer we get to it the more i feel like wearing one. nevermind… i’m thinking Lil Kim. nipple tassels. those are back in style, right?

tonight my grandparents are coming over to make dinner and…. we’ll probably watch CSI: Miami. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?? Horatio, will get his… eventually. i’ll see to it! oh the misery, the sleepless nights he has caused me. with those sly looks and the shades he got from Walgreens. i saw the same ones there. he’s not as spiffy as he wants you to think. not that i totally care, i’ve bought sunglasses from Walgreens before.

great, now i’m just rambling! hope you don’t mind. it’s the price i pay for wanting to stay in my pj’s all day. anyone here start to feel a little guilty if they aren’t out actually DOING stuff? gotta convince myself that i earned these days off.

in order to make this post actually worth the time it took you to read it. how ’bout a picture post. post pics of what you think me and taylor should wear to the VMA’s. happy google image searching!


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BRAVO CAN SUCK IT! [New LJ Post– Sept 10]

In light of a very disturbing article which was published about me in Bravo Magazine (Germany)… I’ve decided to write an open letter. This isn’t a total walk in the park for me. But I think it needs to happen. The disturbing part is not that the article was untrue. It’s that what was written was so completely unnecessary, and just plain shitty. NEWSFLASH EVERYONE: Hayley Williams does not have perfect skin. She’s got flaws! *Gasp*. Oh well, I guess it’s better than reading another article about me being pregnant.

Check out the article here:
(P.S. This is pretty embarrassing. And I’d like to add that I don’t go out anywhere with a “bloody” face. Chick was buggin’).

Below is my response:

Dear Bravo Magazine and some apparently flawless chick named Juliane,

A recent article of yours was published about me and my less than perfect skin. I don’t read Bravo… but a scan of the column was posted on our message board. Naturally, I saw it. First, I’d like to say thanks. Thanks for actually printing something honest. I do, in fact, have acne. It doesn’t always look bad but it’s there. There are many magazines that would never go out of the way to print something so truthful as this… so kudos, you clever bitches. Second, if this article actually accomplishes anything, I hope that it makes people feel good about themselves. They don’t have to be perfect. And no one ever is. I’m a real person… with millions of flaws. Most of which don’t show on the outside for you and your magazine to judge. I don’t do interviews or TV appearances or meet and greets in order to prove to the world that I’m beautiful. I don’t have to prove that to anyone. My heart is in my music, anyway. That’s where you should be casting your eyes and ears. Judge that. I welcome you to. Lastly, I’m sorry, but who is Juliane?

Smell ya later.
Hayley Williams

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ello loves. [New LJ Post– Sept 9]


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for Islington! we had such a great time and it’s been a while since a show has really made us feel that way. i know we’ll never forget it. since about 30 minutes after the show, i’ve been hunting down videos online that people shot of our set. the comments have ALL been so encouraging and exciting. i’m ready for the fall tour!!! let’s do this!!! some of the highlights of the whole experience for me were “Conspiracy”, obviously… seeing old friends/long-time fans in the front row… the size of the room alone was so refreshing and easy to just melt into. i felt so at home. the best was hearing you guys shout the gang vocals from “Ignorance” as well as “Brick By Boring Brick” – which now, since it’s been released, you can REALLY start practicing for the fall tour. at the top of the list, is definitely the “Miracle Outro”. none of us realized how many of you actually knew it. screaming it at the top of your lungs… it was a feeling we’d never really had before. that song happened so accidentally before our 2nd try at a UK tour in 2008. we were meant to practice in nashville for the tour and ended up just jamming on that one song for hours. when we finally got done with it, or felt satisfied, we just left and went back home. that piece of music is really special.

I wanted to say also… to “parawhore91” – I’m so sorry for the mix up with your tickets. That should’ve never happened. I messaged our management as soon as I saw your post and told them we gotta figure something out for you. SO! When we come back we will make it up to you for sure. If there’s someway I can get your info without you having to spill it all over the internet… let’s make that happen!

There’s so much more to talk about but I gotta start packing. Early start tomorrow – we’re heading home. Can you believe the next time we’re packing our bags it’ll be for the fall tour!? So stoked. Look at me, I started using capital letters again. What’s gotten into me? Probably from talking to my lil sister about her schooling… trying to set a good example ;)

Alright – another post to come soon. We had such a blast this past week playing the Myspace Secret Show in Munich and traveling Europe… and everything in London was so fun. Paris ruled! Overall, I’d say this whole trip has been a success. Got to meet so many new fans… see familiar ones. Spread the word about the new record. Thanks to all of you for making it exciting for us. Now, time to get home and recharge!!!

<3 youuuuuuuuu

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o hai. [New LJ Post–Sept 5]

hello everybody!

i slept in so late today. guess i was a lot more tired than i thought. and kinda sick feeling.
we’ve been running ragged ever since we left the states – which is a pretty good thing. all these cool tv shows and acoustic performances. i got extremely hoarse yesterday morning before Radio 1. that’s part of the reason I’m in bed all day today. some days you gotta do that for yourself. i guess.

so here i am, layin here and drinking one of these “detox” juice drinks. very delicious. i should probably eat something soon. maybe watch some kind of chick flick. wonder what the guys are doing today!? shopping, no doubt about it.

tomorrow is another day off… sorta. i have one interview all by my lonesome. maybe i’ll get out and do something with my life after that. we’re all ready to play this islington show. it’s gonna be so awesome to come back around full circle… the first club we ever played in London. just paying our respects to the fans that were there first. we’re really sorry that a lot of you couldn’t get tickets. it’s sort of the risk we took to do something small and low key. the smaller the room, the fewer tickets. to be honest, if it was my choice we’d play some 400 cap room like underworld (is it underground or underworld, i can never get it straight!). but that just REALLY wouldn’t be fair.

it’s such a weird problem to have that we can’t play certain small venues because there are too many fans now. it’s an amazing problem. just never imagined it’d be a problem that WE would have. kudos to you guys for getting us here!

so you guys liked the cover of “use somebody” yesterday? i was so nervous about it. they are so mother effin’ popular.. didn’t want to screw it up and piss people off. but anyways, all the comments and tweets and everything made us feel so good about it. hopefully KOL are as into it as everyone else seems to be. what if they hated it? hahah oh dear.

i just realized how close we are to putting out this darn record. only about a couple weeks! give or take a few days. it’s about time. all the reviews have been amazing. can’t believe it. we’ve never been that band. critics usually find more than one way to say how whiney i am or how much we still have to learn being that we’re so young. this has been a completely different experience. it feels good. but in the end, what you guys think is what actually matters. little articles and columns don’t matter that much in the big scheme of things.

gotta question, we are wanting to bring back the orange baseball hoodie for our fall tour… would you guys be into that? cause we had to price match No Doubt’s hoodie on the summer tour. this time i think it’d be a little cheaper ;P

i gotta go… headache city over here. talk to you soon… thanks for reading my rambling.

ps. i need some toothpaste

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wide awake. this post is for the girls. (warning: it’s a wordy one) [New LJ Post– Aug 30]

what up ladies! (boys, i know you’re reading too, that’s alright… nothin but love).

but really, the reason why is… with this whole week and a half being about press: photoshoots, tv appearances, blah dee blah… all i can think about is clothes. clothes and make up. i’m all putting outfits together in my head and thinking of what i should do with my hair. i’m a girl, it’s all fun and games for me. and for the most part, i do all of that stuff on my own. with the exception of the video shoot and a couple of other magazine shoots we did last month. to be honest, i have a lot more fun doing it myself. gives me a chance to chill and put all my focus in one place. that half an hour in front of the mirror in the morning seems to shut off my A.D.D. brain. anyways, i’m supposed to be sleeping… waking up in 2 hours to start this whole process… but my mind won’t shut up and i can’t be taking tylenol pm every time i need to catch some z’s. i’ve decided not to fight it.

aside from the make up and the hair, which every one sort of has their own knack for anyways, there’s the clothes. i’ve worn some dumb lookin’ shiiiz in the past few years. from time to time, i look like the product of an accidental one night stand between some cyndi lauper impersonator and a cross dressing teenage gwennabe. i recognize. all the other times, i just dress like a boy, which is oh so comfy. tegan (yes, tegan quinn – my celebrity crush) told me if you dress like a teenage boy you pretty much never age. so, i guess i’m going to look 12 for most of the rest of my life? great. anywhoo, i’ve been trying not to bring blue jeans with me for some of these press runs to keep me from getting uninspired at these shoots. whether or not what i love is super fashionable, i have really been getting back into wearing prints and patterns and colors. which i haven’t been into since before we started touring. (other than that short-lived rendezvous i had with zebra printed leggings). if you guys are into it, i’ll show you some lines that i really love and that you’ll be seeing me in this year. most everything i like is pretty affordable and i hardly ever wear designer brand clothing… maybe i’ll grow up one day? but for now… i like cheap, second hand, one of a kind, sick, stupid, comic book like clothing.

first up, if you’re into punky type clothing… check out Dogpile. (www.dogpilecloze.com)
– when i was younger and my favorite band was AFI (can’t wait for their new album CrashLove) and my desktop background was Brody Dalle (she’s so gorgeous, it hurts), i wore a lot of this style clothing. upon setting out for the touring lifestyle and discovering the art of dressing like a prepubescent dude, i “grew out” of these kinds of clothes. now, here i am back in love with it all. Dogpile makes the red plaid pants that i’ve been wearing, the oriental/floral dress that you’ll see in an upcoming shoot we did for Kerrang, along with the army green semi-bondage style vest that I wore in “Ignorance”. check out their clothes if you’re into any of this stuff… if not… keep reading.

if you like older styles that venture into more of the pin-up look but you don’t want to look like you raided Katy Perry’s closet, you can check out www.babygirlboutique.com. just be selective, cause if you aren’t careful you WILL look like a Katy thief. and that’s not nice. anyways, this is the company who sells the “horror monsters” dress that a certain lad bought for me for the VMA’s. woohoo! 3 or 4 years ago, you wouldn’t have caught me DEAD wearing this style of clothing… but my love for Lucille Ball and my yearning to be a voluptuous pin-up (okay, not really) has really turned me on to these styles. not to mention, i can wear all my dumb little tee shirts with most of those A-line pattern skirts.

wow. the sun is coming up. a couple more?

since the beginning of the year, the guys and i have started working with one of my friends on putting together clothes for certain shoots and finding lines that we really like to wear. this lovely lady is none other than Jennifer Johnson (she’s gonna kill me for this! haha!). Jen was behind all the original designs over at EC STAR Clothing. I love all the old EC STAR stuff. They have a lot of classic looking styles. And you might’ve seen me wearing most of their tee shirts and hoodies over the past year or so. A few of the original designs are still up on the site (ecstar.net) but since leaving the company, Jen is onto other things… like Dainty June! Dainty June rules, I haven’t gotten much from them yet but I plan on doing so after I empty out my closet of all the excess clothing that I don’t need. yard sale anyone? Jen teamed up with some friends (who I’ll get to right after this) to create this line.. and it’s so cute. This line is a lot more practical for hanging out… maybe… SKIPPING COLLEGE CLASSES! whatever. Check it out www.DaintyJune.com

lastly, but not leastly(?)… ummm… the first badass line that i ever wore for free… All-Mighty Clothing!!! the ladies behind this line are also behind Dainty June. i have recently worn a couple of their printed tees in some random interviews. i know i wore the dog/batman style logo tee in an MTV Japan interview that Jeremy and I did. anyways haha, check out their site! www.All-Mighty.net there, you can also pick up some of the Dainty June clothing.

well, the sun is most definitely up now. today is gonna be a loooong one… thanks for reading my babbling-on about fashion and/or my lack thereof. don’t forget about Miley’s clothing line in Wal-Mart. dead. serious. good quality tees and tanks… and if you’re brave enough, there are some more daring items in the line. hey! even Mindy from Lydia rocks the leopard flats. we know what’s up.

as for the dudes, you’re on your own, haha. band merch is almost always a good idea. cheap too!
i guess, i’m going to go start putting outfits together for the day. jealous? didn’t think so…


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