30 Jan 2010

US Tour dates for the Spring tour announced!

Special guests Relient K and fun. will be joining for the whole tour.

Tickets go on pre-sale for Paramore Fan Club members, beginning Monday,
February 1st. The first 20 lucky PFC members to purchase tickets, per tour
date, will also get Meet and Greet passes to hang with Paramore before the
show! Please note: You will not be able to bring guests (no your +1), there will be NO
extra passes with additional ticket purchases, and you must be a PFC
member over the age of 13.

Tickets go on sale for the general public on February 5th and 6th.

26 Knoxville, TN — Knoxville Civic Coliseum
28 Charlottesville, VA — John Paul Jones Arena
30 Atlantic City, NJ — Trump Taj Mahal – Mark G Etess

1 East Rutherford, NJ — Arena Meadowlands Sports Complex
3 Columbus, OH — The LC Amphitheatre
4 Grand Rapids, MI — DeltaPlex
6 Rockford, IL — Rockford MetroCentre
7 Moline, IL — i Wireless Center
8 Council Bluffs, IA — WestFair Amphitheatre
10 Salt Lake City, UT — E Center
12 Seattle, WA — WaMu Theater
15 Bakersfield, CA — Rabobank Arena
16 Las Vegas, NV — The Joint

28 Jan 2010

Hayley’s Twitterview with MSN Wonderwall!

You ready to get Twitterviewed?
Let’s go!

Awesome! So, how psyched are you for the Grammys on Sunday? Who are you most excited to meet?
So stoked for it. I really want to meet Lady Gaga. I’m a new fan… It took me a while to accept the fact that I am totally stupefied by her.

She is pretty wild, isn’t she? Where were you when you heard about your nomination?
We were in the UK on a headlining run for our new record. Honestly, I thought it was just a rumor. So stoked it wasn’t.

How exciting! Do you have a dress picked out? Perhaps a Lady Gaga inspired number?
Haha… I was hoping to find out what she’s wearing and wear a carbon copy. Then we could become best friends. To answer your question, I don’t know just yet!

Ha! I bet she wouldn’t even know what to do with herself. Are you getting used to red carpets and all the things that come w/fame?
I hope I never get used to red carpets… It’s pretty fun playing dress up. I just hope I don’t fall in my heels.

It happens to the best of us. We hear John Mayer is a fan of your music. Do you like his? Who are you listening to now?
Of course! Josh is the biggest fan out of all of us. I still love the first record the most… most of his fans would probably shun me for that. Oh well!

Like right now? Actually, @xchadballx recorded some solo stuff over the past year or so… I am listening those rough mixes!

\m/ Rock ‘n’ roll. Heard you did a Leonard Cohen “Hallelujah” cover on tour. Did u see Justin Timberlake’s on the Haiti telethon?
I was flying into Nashville from the radio tour we did the night of the telethon. I have yet to check out his cover. Bet it ruled.

Speaking of Nashville, you guys are from Franklin, TN. Has country music influenced you in any way? Are y’all closeted Judds fans?

Actually, we all began to love country music once we started touring a lot. It reminded us of home. I <3 Johnny Cash.

Us too! Where’s your favorite place in the world to perform?

There’s no downside to playing anywhere. And it’s really hard to pick a favorite. We’re about to head to Japan… I <3 it there.

Rad! You guys are all pretty young, too. 19-24, yeah? What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to stay open minded, positive, and never forget where I came from. Oh, and I wanna be in this band forever too.

Those seem like pretty solid goals. Who are you following on Twitter?
All my friends back home, friends in other bands, Betsey Johnson, Ellen DeGeneres, Glenn Danzig and McAlisters Deli.

Yum! We’ll have to check those out. Last question: who’s your biggest celeb “crushcrushcrush” right now?
Michael C. Hall. I mean, I guess I’m crushing more on Dexter at the moment. It must be the whole mass murderer thing. Sighhh.

He is quite charming. Well thanks for tweeting with us — it was a lot fun! Good luck Sunday; we’ll be rooting for you!
Thanks so much! Goodnight!


26 Jan 2010

Bowling with Hayley + New video!

check out the video of Hayley bowling against a 8 year old guy!

also, there’s a new video up on paramore’s website showing the Paramore and Paper Route guys having a snowball fight!
check it out on

21 Jan 2010

US Tour with Relient K and fun. + Gallery stuff

Hayley recently confirmed, that Paramore’s US tour will start on April 24th. No other tour dates or cities have been announced yet.

They will be headlining the tour and the supporting bands areRelient K and fun.

At the People’s Choice Awards Hayley also said that they will be in the US touring in late spring and late summer.

In the Live Chat she also said that they will be doing some festivals overseas. So when more info is released, we’ll update about it!

Sorry for the lack of updates here, I am fully busy with the Finnish section and I sometimes neglect the English one. I have luckily arranged us some cowebs, you have seen some of them posting here already. Please welcome Eva, Charlie and Caroline to the staff!

Gallery news as is closing, we got the permission to take all their pics and add them to our gallery! Thanks a lot! So, a lot of pictures still need to be saved and then added! We all are working on that and the gallery will soon go through a major revamp: a new design, new categories, MANY pictures. So, keep visiting!

21 Jan 2010

Kidd Kraddick In The morning and 93,3 FLZ Live Chat

Hayley was doing a live chat with 93,3 FLZ Radio and fans got to participate in that. Sorry for not letting you guys here to know about it! Remember to follow Hayley and Paramore on Twitter for a nice while now. Hayley is doing a little Radio Tour with her best friend Hannah.

Here is a video from the Kidd Kraddick in The Morning show where Hayley and Hannah were.

And here is the full version of the live chat from yesterday:

Streaming live video by Ustream

I’ll post something about the US tour next!

19 Jan 2010

New LJ updates

.net photo stream, single stuff, and more!

so i think i got my phone all sorted out for the mobile stream on
hopefully, now there will be all kinda updates happening. between that, this, and twitter… not to mention, more video stuff when we get back out on the road.

also wanted to say for the record that “the only exception” will probably be the next single everywhere. sure, it may be exclusive in another country for a while but i think it will make it’s way over here too. it would be a chance for us to do something different. we’ve never put out a song that wasn’t fast or quirky or upbeat and fun. there are other sides to the band too… you guys know that better than the rest of the world… and to see how people react to the side of us that isn’t sorta wild would be fun for us. to be honest, i’m nervous as to how it could go! i like the idea of having to take a leap instead of going with an obvious style of a song… but sure, it’s a risk. anyways, i would like to ask you that even if you aren’t completely sold on the idea you would at least pretend to support us in it. it’s not like this is the last song we’ll be releasing anyways! there will be plenty more from brand new eyes.

well, i’m sick still. none of the afore mentioned “to-do’s” have been done, really. just a whole lot of sitting around and taking tamiflu. i’m such a disease. but tonight is spaghetti night! so i gotta prepare the angel hair pasta and make meatballs. (look at me actually learning to cook). and you thought it would never happen!


Hannah is the best tea maker.

my bff, Hannah and i have set out on a long and treacherous journey across the southern region… in hopes of shaking the hands and kissing the babies of just about every radio personality unfortunate enough to find themselves in our presence. just kidding, we’re actually a real treat to hang with. and that first sentence was entirely too long.

tomorrow i’m gonna go and hang with Kidd Kraddick in Dallas. i mean, i’ll try to be all there but let’s be honest, i’m completely useless before noon! then we’ll be off to Florida. it’s really no big thing, we’re just taking over the airwaves one southern town at a time. i’ll keep you all posted this week as we’re trucking along. FueledbyAdam is going to set up a mobile stream for Hannah to send in some random photos from our trip. who knows if she’ll be any good at it… hahah.

in other news, Crime In Stereo put up a new song “Drugwolf” on their myspace. check it out. i love em.
and in other news that’s not related to the first bit of news, i’m going to have this chamomile/lavender tea and hit the hay.

<3 hayley