19 Apr 2017

Awaiting confirmation of new Paramore single dropping this morning

According to several radio stations, they will have “new Paramore” to play around 8:30am. The song is speculated to be entitled “Hardtimes” by these stations. Although numerous stations have tweeted about this, there is no official statement from the band. However, the band did update their profile pictures with the completed final image that they have been teasing us with for the past couple days.

Links to radio streams:

Alt 103.3: available on iheartradio(US) or the Alt 103.3 website 

The Woody Show / (Alt 98.7): available on the iheartradio(US) or the Alt 98.7 website 

Non-US listeners: x

18 Apr 2017

‘5more’: another piece to the puzzle

Paramore have yet again revealed another part to the image that the band’s social media accounts have had as their profile picture for the past couple of days.

Is Paramore slowly revealing the cover to ‘5more’? Or is it the cover to a new single? A new logo? What is the final piece going to look like and what does it mean? Hopefully, our questions will be answered soon. Make sure to continue to keep a close eye on all of Paramore’s social media accounts! 

Below, you can find some of our favourite fan completed versions of the mysterious profile picture. 

18 Apr 2017

Josh Dun joins the goodDYEyoung family 

“It made so much sense and it’s a great product.” 

Good Dye Young has announced that Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots has joined the ‘beautifully obnoxious family’ via Twitter. He’s now a partner in the company. You can watch a video of Josh talking about the goodDYEyoung brand and what it means to him below. 

16 Nov 2016

Updated fanmail address

We’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding Paramore’s fanmail address. The band does not have a PO box, but you can send mail to their record label in New York.

We do not guarantee that you will get anything back from the band or that the band sees any of it, but you can always try! Make sure to include a self-addressed, self-stamped envelope and international reply coupons (IRC), or if you live in the US, just a regular stamp will do. This MIGHT increase your chances of getting something back. The band appreciates fanmail, but due to their busy schedules, they might not have the chance to reply.

Remember, you can always send them a Tweet or comment on their Instagram photos.

Use the following address to send Paramore fanmail:

Fueled By Ramen
ATTN: Paramore
1633 Broadway
10th Floor
New York NY 10019

Please know all the mail gets screened before it’s passed onto Paramore so keep it appropriate!

07 Mar 2015

Parahoy – 1st Anniversary

It’s been a year since the first-ever Parahoy cruise! To honor that amazing cruise, we gathered together some stories from cruisers that were lucky enough to go on Parahoy! The cruisers from all over the world wrote something about their brilliant vacation and shared their favorite moments. To read the stories, click here.

Were you on Parahoy? Would you go on Parahoy II?


A massive thank you to Aaron, who also shared his Parahoy story, for helping us with this project.

14 Dec 2014

Video: Hayley presenting Charli XCX with her award

Hayley presented Charli XCX, who supported Paramore on their UK tour last year, with the Billboard Hitmaker Award at the 9th annual Billboard Women In Music Awards on Friday. Watch the video below.