07 Mar 2015

Parahoy – 1st Anniversary

It’s been a year since the first-ever Parahoy cruise! To honor that amazing cruise, we gathered together some stories from cruisers that were lucky enough to go on Parahoy! The cruisers from all over the world wrote something about their brilliant vacation and shared their favorite moments. To read the stories, click here.

Were you on Parahoy? Would you go on Parahoy II?


A massive thank you to Aaron, who also shared his Parahoy story, for helping us with this project.

14 Dec 2014

Video: Hayley presenting Charli XCX with her award

Hayley presented Charli XCX, who supported Paramore on their UK tour last year, with the Billboard Hitmaker Award at the 9th annual Billboard Women In Music Awards on Friday. Watch the video below.

23 Aug 2014

DIY Magazine interviews Paramore

DIY Magazine interviewed Paramore before their show at Reading Festival yesterday. You can read the full interview below.

Last night, Paramore stepped up to the plate and completed their first co-headlining set at Reading 2014. Now, as their second closing slot fast approaches with the band currently preparing to take on Leeds, the trio are already bubbling with nerves and excitement.

“It’s amazing that we’re playing with Queens of the Stone Age,” enthuses Hayley Williams, when speaking to DIY ahead of their show yesterday, “that’s pretty cool. There are some pretty cool bands on this bill, and I don’t actually think we fit, but that’s what I like. I like that we are not with our typical sort of bands that we normally play with. That’s nice for us.”

Sandwiched in between Vampire Weekend and Queens of the Stone Age, it’s an eclectic mix that’s not lost on them. “It’s very nice,” adds guitarist Taylor York. “It feels like our perception is starting to change in people’s eyes, and that’s cool.”

Currently fresh from a massive US tour alongside Fall Out Boy – with three dates remaining once their return to the other side of the Atlantic – the band are at the peak of their powers, and with their biggest production set up yet up their sleeves, they’re planning on ending Leeds with a bang.

“We’ve brought a lot of stuff from Monumentour with us – the production, the lighting,” explains bassist Jeremy Davis, “which is bigger than we’ve ever had over here and that’s cool.” “It’s my favourite production that we’ve ever had,” Williams adds, before Davis continues: “It’s awesome. We’ve got a lot of confetti… we have way too much confetti! The people cleaning up are gonna be hating us, like ‘I’m never working another Paramore show!”

“Confetti is our ammo!” laughs Williams. “That’s the mark that we leave in every venue and every city. I know that a lot of bands do it, but every tour, we just try to do it more.” “And now we have so much more than we had on Monumentour!” Davis laughs, “We’ve done more than double, almost triple, for this show because there are so many people so I’m pretty sure it’s going to be snowing.”

As for what they hope to achieve with their sets – apart from a tough clean up job – their intentions simply lie in inviting some new fans to join the family. “Hopefully it’ll be cool,” concludes Williams, “because fans that have never seen us, that are here to just watch bands or that are here for another band in particular, will be surprised. I think that’s my favourite thing about being in this band: we hear a lot of people tell us that we’re better live than we are on CD and that’s the biggest compliment anyone could ever give us, because we work so hard to make the show great. Hopefully we’ll surprise some people and excite them and expand the community and keep it going.”

30 Jun 2014

Nylon interviews Hayley

Nylon’s liza darwin interviewed Hayley over the phone last week while Paramore was in Camden. They talked about tour and life on the road, her hair dye line and other things. You can read the interview below.

There are a billion reasons why we heart Hayley Williams, but the most obvious one? When we called her last week, the Paramore frontwoman had woken up just a few minutes earlier–but despite having performed the night before, running around the stage and belting out “Ain’t It Fun” to a sold-out crowd, the singer was totally energetic, kind, and exactly as awesome as you’d expect (even pre-coffee). The band is currently in the first legs of a massive nationwide tour with Fall Out Boy, and we got the lowdown from Williams on life on the road, her Game of Thrones addiction…and her hair dye line! Because yes, that’s totally happening. So get excited and read our exclusive interview below.

Hey Hayley! Where in the world are you right now? 

I just woke up! We’re in the Philly/Camden area. We have a show here tomorrow and have a day off, so we’re hoping to go get some food and then maybe go to a movie.

How’s the tour going?
It’s been so awesome; I’m loving it already. It’s the type of thing that’s so perfect, I’m wondering why we didn’t do this tour so long ago. Fall Out Boy fans and Paramore fans are just both so incredible, and it’s amazing being onstage and looking out at the crowds. It’s this mixture that’s, like, the perfect storm.

I bet. Both of your fan groups so passionate. 

Yeah, and I think at least part of it is because both of our bands came from the same world and the same scene. Everyone’s around the same age, so it’s been a cool collaborative thing–it’s not the world where there are feuds between the fan groups. This tour has been so great, and it’s really just about two bands that have grown up together.

What have you guys been doing when you’re not onstage?

We’ve been watching Game of Thrones–like, a lot of it–I’ve never seen it before! So we’ve just been storming through those episodes so fast and all getting together at the end of the night and eating dinner and watching Game of Thrones. [Laughs] That’s one of the best parts about being on tour, being surrounded by all of your best friends.

I know it’s hard to play favorites, but do you have a city you just love coming back to?

You’re right, we don’t really play favorites…but we kind of do. We just have so much history and a kind of nostalgia that takes over, so it’s hard not to! We love New York and New Jersey and Philly, and when we play anywhere around LA or Anaheim the crowds are always so great. We’ve actually kept in touch with those people who have come to the first shows…they’re our friends by now. Except now they come and they’ve graduated from college and have jobs and are covered in tattoos. It’s awesome. [Laughs] 

We have to talk about your new blue hair! What prompted the change?

Oh man. I  get bored so easily, and I’m kind of schizo when it comes to hair. My friend Brian has been responsible for almost every hairstyle I’ve had. Usually when we’re bored we just talk about what we want to do, then we go for it. We were like, “We’ve never done turquoise before…let’s go for it!” It was sort of a rigorous process.

I bet. I remember when you wrote The Checklist for us, you mentioned a hair dye line might be in the works.What’s the update? 

Yeah, I’m actually working on my own hair dye line in the future, and it’s happening! It feels so good to say that it’s on– we’ve already got the name and the basic mission. I’m sort of drooling over it, and I can’t wait to show people. Obviously I’m not going to put out anything that I don’t believe in or that I don’t wear myself. I can put it in my own hair and be like, “Look, I love this so much that I’m wearing it myself!” The colors are wild and awesome. I really can’t wait to paint everyone’s hair in the whole world.

11 Oct 2013

Paramore Partners With The Grammy Foundation

Paramore has always supported and encouraged their fans, especially those with a huge potential (such musicians, graphic designer, photographers, etc.); yet they never did something THIS big. Read below to find out what is coming over on The Self-Titled Tour:

GRAMMY-nominated band Paramore is partnering with the GRAMMY Foundation in celebration of music education to bring local high school choirs on-stage during their U.S. tour to perform their new single “Ain’t It Fun.” The selected choirs will also receive a grant for their school’s music program. You can see Paramore perform with local choirs on the following tour dates:

•10/15 Seattle – Chief Sealth International High School

•10/27 Houston – High School for the Performing and Visual Arts

•10/30 St. Louis – Bayless High School

More dates to be announced shortly.

28 Aug 2013

TodayFM interviews Hayley

In this new interview with the Today FM Radio, Hayley talks about cancelling shows, losing band members, their new album and changes in the music industry. She also talks about the way internet and social media have changed the music industry and what Paramore has had to do to promote their music better.