04 May 2012

Avengers Movie

Hayley, Taylor and Chad went to the The Avengers movie. Picture of them with a fan, in the background are also displayed on the Taylor and Chad. And if you have not seen this movie please go check it out!

26 Dec 2011

Pressure to be on Rock Band 3

Yes you read right! Pressure will be on Rock Band 3 that will be released
on December 27th, 2011 for Xbox 360 and WII and January 3rd for Playstation 3.

Source: here.

14 Jun 2010

KROQ Weenie Roast 2010

Paramore played on KROQ Weenie Roast 2010 on June 5th, Watch their performances on Youtube.

more HERE

14 Jun 2010

Radio 1’s big weekend 2010

Check out all of Paramore’s R1BW 2010 performances on Youtube!

Watch more on THIS channel!

24 Mar 2010

Paramore in Paris videos

Here are some videos from 23rd of march when Paramore went to Paris!

This one is a french fan who played “Ignorance” on guitar while Hayley was singing:

also Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor performed “The Only Exception” at Warner:

17 Feb 2010

A still from The Only Exception video

A still from The Only Exception music video was released today on Facebook. In the still you can see Hayley and a guy, who is apparently her love in the music video. The Only Exception music video is being released today at 11am, but we’re not sure what time zone Hayley meant in her tweet where she announced that. Lets keep our eyes open!