17 Sep 2007

Discover And Download


Paramore are set to perform for “Discover & Download” at 9pm on September 17th ONLY on Mtv2,

17 Sep 2007

NME 15.09.07

Paramore is featured in the NME magazine this week



Paramore… a bunch of sell-outs or emo heroes?



Check it out.

16 Sep 2007

New LJ post

[ music | COPS ]

the past couple days have been a whirlwind. we played our first radio morning show, The Kevin and Bean Show on KROQ and then played our first big radio show, KROQ’s LA Invasion yesterday. there were many techinical difficulties at the LA Invasion but we made it through the show alright and had a great time.

in the midst of all the radio insanity, came the highlight of our lives, collectively.

that’s right, we met dave grohl and then watched the foo fighters from the crowd!!! seriously, the best rock show any of us have ever seen. dave came out with his guitar Continue Reading  

15 Sep 2007

Contest Winner

Ok, so it’s Sept 15th and we have a winner.

Congratz Luis González, you have made a great job promoting the band and the site, so you deserve to win the records.
Enjoy them and talk to you soon =]

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, we really appreciate all the hard work you have put on promoting the site and the band.

14 Sep 2007


According to crushcrushcrush will be the next single off their new album Riot!.

13 Sep 2007

Paramore on trl this tuesday!

hey guys!

i havent really been updating yall on TRL and the countdown.

Turns out paramore has been doing  very well. number 8 and am hearing they were number 4?…either way they are doing good on the countdown.


Anyways, Paramore will be performing on trl THIS TUESDAY! TRL starts 3:30 at 42nd st. timesquare in NYC.

Please continue to vote and lets try to get them to number 1 by tuesday! :)