didn’t y’all hear? [LJ entry]

i’m pregnant again… SIKE

ughhh. second hand embarrassment for the whole twitter world and coming back here today to be with people who understand… *sniff sniff*

anyways, what’s up everybody? good news! i’m feeling a heck of a lot better today than i have in a good while. still a little weary but i’ll take that. been staying at my moms pretty much all week. i haven’t done this since i was 18! needless to say, i’ve been a huge baby and totally taken advantage of the whole thing. and now, there’s only a couple days before we’re back out there with you guys. honestly, that’s all the cure i need! gonna fix me right up. whew, can’t wait!

well, this post isn’t really to catch you up on much. of course, i missed the entire 4 days of practice so i can’t say much about that other than i know the guys were stoked at how everything sounded. even though i wasn’t there to top it off with my siqq voxxx. jokes… they don’t need me anyhow… they always sound too good!

i just wanna know what you guys are up to, what you’re into. new season of true blood? toddlers and tiaras? (vomit) what do you guys think about the new Taking Back Sunday record? just fill me in! What’s the 411? Tell me everything! What’s the hot gossip? What’s the hot jams?

– momma h


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