Hayley and Taylor’s pics from Twitter and Tumblr

Hayley posted some new pics on her Tumblr and Taylor on his Twitter


Stopped by an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party tonight… sans ugly sweater… SORT OF. – TUMBLR

Dropping by an ugly Christmas sweater party wearing a not-ugly, not-Christmas sweater. This could get…. ugly. – TWITTER

I’m a huge fan of The Nutcracker Ballet with Baryshnikov.. Always secretly wanted to dance ballet… but I don’t have time to learn that kinda grace. After all, I spit on stages for a living!

i don’t know whether i’m still sad about this or still laughing at his response


Sometimes you just feel like a wolf that wants to take a picture in the mirror

Super indie

+ Taylor now has over 200,000 followers on Twitter! Amazing!


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