Hayley speaks out about anti bullying


As you’ll recall, the odious “License to Bully” bill — which would allow bullies special protection under the guise of religious conviction — went viral pretty fast, and the indignation came fast and furious from the corners you’d expect: Wonkette and other political junkies. But the proposed legislation has done what few pieces of proposed legislation do, which is to say it has crossed over into the broader culture’s awareness — and with a target on its back.

Today, Paramore singer Hayley Williams — not normally given to retweeting TN Report or quoting Chip Forrester — took to Twitter and beseeched her 2 million-plus followers to sign this online petition opposing the bill. I’m not sure what the original goal was, but the new goal is 20,000, and according to SignOn, they’ve already crossed 15,000, a fact I’m sure was not hurt by Ms. Williams’ tweet.

Source: Nashville Scene

Please help by signing the online petition to stop anti-bullying. You can sign it here.


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