Hayley talks about faith / LJ update

Pray, Think, Wish, Cross your fingers?
Which do you do?
and does it offend you when someone else doesn’t do what you do?

i’ve been thinking a lot about how everyone in our band shares the same faith… but what if we didn’t?
the best part of being in a band, to me, is meeting anyone and everyone we can just because of the fact that those people and i share a deep love for music. you don’t go to a show because you think someone in the band is hot. you don’t go because they always wear this cool, awesome outfit, or have the right hair. those things are part of what makes up the whole picture of the music… but those things wouldn’t compel you to spend your hard earned money on a ticket to spend a night watching those clothes or that hair move around for a little while. music resonates with everyone, which is why we call it the “universal language”. and every day i thank God that i’m a part of that language. that i have the ability to use that language to hopefully offer something, or anything, to all these people that i otherwise would have absolutely no connection to whatsoever.

over the past 5 or 6 years, i’ve met all kinds of people. people who love the same God as me. people who hate him. people who don’t understand him. people who don’t want to. people who are mad at him, sad at him, hurt because of someone else that believes in him. and you know what i’ve realized about all these different people? that i freaking love them all. the best gift that you can give yourself is an open mind. i realize, you don’t just give it to yourself. it’s something that is either learned, forced, or it just happens… ? i don’t really know where i’m going with that… but what i’m saying is, right now, i know that i am who i am today because i have watched and listened to people all over this world share their stories with me. whether it was in conversation, over livejournal, in a letter or a note, or whether they didn’t even know that i heard about it. if there is anything that i’m grateful for as much as my love for music, it’s a passion for people.

i know i’ve said it before but you are all awesome. and rule. and can be anything you want to be. just remember to enjoy the process of being where you are while you are getting to where you want to be. something i am trying out, myself. and always keep an open mind.

– wow, i didn’t expect to say all that. i really came here to ask for your prayers, thoughts, wishes, crossed fingers… anything that you believe… for my throat. i got sick just before this tour but i’m not about to back down and postpone anything again. i know i can get through tonight. (2nd Grad Night at Disney) but really what matters to me is the next couple of weeks. i’m so ready for an amazing tour. and i’m not too bad off right now. just asking for your prayers. or again, whatever you believe in. need my health back, 100%

lastly, thanks for helping make this a place where people in the community can come in and make these sort of posts… myself included.
love you guys, see you on tour!


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