Hayley talks about the new album

A fan asked Hayley how she would describe the general feeling of the 4th album and Hayley replied:

fortunately, this record is the most “upbeat” (emotionally) that we’ve ever written. i am looking at myself and life around my loved ones and i with a new all new senses. it’s like i had to relearn how to feel things, touch, smell, taste things. the coolest part was having enough time between BNE and this album to actually live somewhat of a “normal” lifestyle and have normal, real-life problems to think about and to write about.
it’s a feel good album with a very deep core. obviously, not everyone will feel the same things listening that i felt writing the lyrics… but hopefully everyone can take home their own meaning from these songs and get something out of them. that’s the entire point of our band in the first place.


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