Hayley’s got a Tumblr

Tumblr vs Livejournal

my sentimental/nostalgic state of being won’t ever let me leave this place behind! however, this post is actually just a link to a post I just made on my tumblr. to be honest, tumblr is more personal to me cause it’s not the band’s. it’s not like i’m taking the liberty of posting my own personal journals in a place where the guys should be updating too… but i guess i just like blogging way more than the guys hahah it does seem a bit like more of a girly thing. though some of my favorite blogs are dudes’.

here’s the link. there is some news i wanted everyone to know about Will. you guys know Will – and if you don’t… he’s the guy with the camera at meet and greets. the one that is so huggable.

Love you guys.


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