Hayley’s MTV blog update

Hayley mentioned in Paramore’s current Livejournal update that she will be blogging for MTV. Here’s her first blog update:

So what’s up everybody? Right now, I’m sitting in a trailer home which is currently doubling as our dressing room. The boys just finished doing P90X. Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? Anyways, I was watching them do all these intense moves that are meant to help them achieve the perfect six pack, all shirtless and sweaty… then I got to thinking how many girls (and boys!) might wish they were in my shoes. You know, just watching a bunch of half-dressed sweaty guys get buff. I mean, to me this is just a normal day. Besides, I just think it’s funny.

In every interview we’ve ever done, I get asked the question, “What’s it like being the only girl in the band?” or some other version of it. It’s not that it’s annoying, it’s just that I wonder what’s so fascinating about it. (Other than watching the guys do P90X, right?) But I guess, sadly enough, I do recognize that it’s still pretty rare to see a girl fronting a band and commanding a stage. Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult for girls to get into scene and be taken seriously? I have.

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When we started touring, there were next to no young women fronting bands like ours. And as lonely as that felt sometimes, I loved the challenge. I looked up to anyone who could control a crowd and not feel sorry about it. Usually those people were men who were twice my age. So, when we took the stage I’d forget about the fact that I was 16 and forget that I was one of the only girls in the scene. I would try and win over as many people as I could for the greater good of Paramore, all in the short 25 minutes we got to play. In many cases, this worked. Maybe it helped that I looked like a teenage boy? There were, however, the odd nights where pretty much all I was good for was a sounding board for various meatheads who’s chivalry peaked at “Take of your top!”. At 16 years old, I thought they must be crazy anyways… cause well, yes, I looked like a teenage boy. I stood my ground and never walked off any of those stages. Never let nobody get the best of me. Cause I knew that I wanted to do something important… mainly, make it in a world where people aren’t supposed to make it. It’s supposed to be tough but I never cared and neither did the guys. And here we are 5 years later. We’re playing a whole hour longer than we did when we started, and the crowds are a lot bigger. I can’t be too sure but I think this is what they call “making it.” Nah, you know… I am absolutely sure. Why? Because I’ll never forget where we came from. I’ll never forget how it was lonely. How it was a challenge. How I loved playing the game and winning every night. The women who have earned this dream aren’t much different than I am. And maybe not that different from you either. We all want to make it in a world where people aren’t actually supposed to make it.

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