Hayley’s MTV blog update 2

Hey there. Blog #2 comin’ at ya.

Couldn’t really decide what I wanted to write about today. Then I realized that it’s my blog so I can pretty much say whatever I want, right? It might seem like the easy route but I have decided upon sharing the wealth that is the Honda Civic Tour with all of you. And I will exploit the likeness of all our friends on tour with us at the moment.

In my personal opinion, this is one of the most diverse and credible line-ups that we’ve ever been a part of. There’s something for everyone. So, I’ll get down to it and maybe you’ll find some good music you can get into.

First up, as direct support, we brought along my favorite female artists on the scene. Canada’s own, Tegan and Sara. Their new album, “Sainthood,” is my favorite of their six albums. (Listen to the song entitled “The Ocean,” it’s so good it’ll make you cry). That’s right, SIX albums. They’ve been doing their thing for something like 12 years now and are still producing incredible music. And the show they put on isn’t even worth trying to explain in text form. I finally got to catch a show when they were in Nashville at The Ryman Auditorium. Watching them live turned me into an even bigger fan. Honestly though, one of the greatest things about them – to me, anyways – is how they carry themselves both on and off the stage. It’s not particularly easy being a woman in the industry (as we discussed in my last post) but to be two gay women in the industry, seems to be a whole other thing. I’m sure they’ve faced many more judgments and wacky criticisms than I have. I respect their composure, their intelligence, their wit… and I look up to them a lot. We’re so proud to have them on the tour with us. If you’re coming to a show, don’t miss them! Get there and pay attention! Considering they’ve been around for twice as many years as we have, it’s about time that everyone hears about this band.

You’ve probably heard their song “Walking With A Ghost” but check out their new video for a new song “On Directing.”

Second on the bill, is my favorite pop punk band of all time. Ladies and gents, we have, New Found Glory. Their seventh and latest album, Not Without A Fight, features them doing what they do best, which is, playing frustratingly catchy songs with as much balls as you can imagine. From the southern part of Florida, they started out as a bunch of misfits and ended up taking over such giants as MTV. Even headlined the very tour we’re all out on now. I think what I love most about them is how massive they were able to get without losing their heads. The same dudes who have a “retired” hit video from TRL (remember that show?) also play secret shows in their hometown of Coral Springs, FL and release EP’s and vinyl on the very cool and influential hardcore label, Bridge 9 Records. To me, that’s what it means to make it. To be able to go to the top and still create art they way you want to create it. Hopefully, when we’ve been around as long as NFG have – what, 13 years now? – we’ll be able to look back and see that we’ve done the same.

If you liked their video for “My Friends Over You” then you have to see their new video for “Truck Stop Blues.”

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Opening the show, are some good friends of ours all the way from Sweden! Everyone, meet Kadawatha. The Honda Civic Tour is the first tour in the United States that these guys have ever done. We’re so excited to be able to introduce them to a whole new scene. The connection started when Daniel (frontman and musical genius behind the sounds that you’ll hear during their set) began making trips to Nashville, TN to showcase his talent to a couple different labels and publishing companies. Seeing as though we all live in and around Nashville it wasn’t long before he had met Taylor York and they hit it off right away. At this point, we’ve known these guys for a little over two years now and have been trying to help them get their music out to the world. Can I just say that I turn green with envy every time Daniel gets on stage and sings higher notes than I do with not so much as wince? It’s disgusting how gorgeous his voice is. If you like the sound of flying through a Utopian dream whilst angels sing to you that you’ve won an eternity of free Krispy Kreme, then you’ll probably like this band a lot. Get there early to see them!

Check out more from Kadawatha at

So there it is, folks. Our Honda Civic Tour has officially arrived. Come out to a show, support good music, maybe win a car, and have a killer time! Thanks again for all the love and for coming here to check out my ramblings.
xoxo Hayley


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