Hayley’s Twitterview with MSN Wonderwall!

You ready to get Twitterviewed?
Let’s go!

Awesome! So, how psyched are you for the Grammys on Sunday? Who are you most excited to meet?
So stoked for it. I really want to meet Lady Gaga. I’m a new fan… It took me a while to accept the fact that I am totally stupefied by her.

She is pretty wild, isn’t she? Where were you when you heard about your nomination?
We were in the UK on a headlining run for our new record. Honestly, I thought it was just a rumor. So stoked it wasn’t.

How exciting! Do you have a dress picked out? Perhaps a Lady Gaga inspired number?
Haha… I was hoping to find out what she’s wearing and wear a carbon copy. Then we could become best friends. To answer your question, I don’t know just yet!

Ha! I bet she wouldn’t even know what to do with herself. Are you getting used to red carpets and all the things that come w/fame?
I hope I never get used to red carpets… It’s pretty fun playing dress up. I just hope I don’t fall in my heels.

It happens to the best of us. We hear John Mayer is a fan of your music. Do you like his? Who are you listening to now?
Of course! Josh is the biggest fan out of all of us. I still love the first record the most… most of his fans would probably shun me for that. Oh well!

Like right now? Actually, @xchadballx recorded some solo stuff over the past year or so… I am listening those rough mixes!

\m/ Rock ‘n’ roll. Heard you did a Leonard Cohen “Hallelujah” cover on tour. Did u see Justin Timberlake’s on the Haiti telethon?
I was flying into Nashville from the radio tour we did the night of the telethon. I have yet to check out his cover. Bet it ruled.

Speaking of Nashville, you guys are from Franklin, TN. Has country music influenced you in any way? Are y’all closeted Judds fans?

Actually, we all began to love country music once we started touring a lot. It reminded us of home. I <3 Johnny Cash.

Us too! Where’s your favorite place in the world to perform?

There’s no downside to playing anywhere. And it’s really hard to pick a favorite. We’re about to head to Japan… I <3 it there.

Rad! You guys are all pretty young, too. 19-24, yeah? What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to stay open minded, positive, and never forget where I came from. Oh, and I wanna be in this band forever too.

Those seem like pretty solid goals. Who are you following on Twitter?
All my friends back home, friends in other bands, Betsey Johnson, Ellen DeGeneres, Glenn Danzig and McAlisters Deli.

Yum! We’ll have to check those out. Last question: who’s your biggest celeb “crushcrushcrush” right now?
Michael C. Hall. I mean, I guess I’m crushing more on Dexter at the moment. It must be the whole mass murderer thing. Sighhh.

He is quite charming. Well thanks for tweeting with us — it was a lot fun! Good luck Sunday; we’ll be rooting for you!
Thanks so much! Goodnight!



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