Honda Civic Tour merch

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So….. I’m really excited about this post. I get to show you guys our merch. A lot of you may have already seen it, if you get our Facebook/Twitter updates. But juuuust incase you didn’t, here’s all the merch we’ll be selling on the Honda Civic Tour – which starts TOMORROW, OMG. Pretty sure these images are hard to see with the naked eye… so click on it all and it should take you to the Paramore Facebook page where you can peep everything a little better.
And if any of this info I’m giving you is wrong – I blame Fueledbyadam… even though he’s an absolute legend.
Anyways, how do you like the merch?
[EDIT]: Thank you guys so much for all the awesome feedback on the merch. Me and Aaron (our incredibly handsome and fantastical merch man) worked really hard to make sure that all this stuff was great and you’d all look hot in it. Believe me, you will.


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