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i can’t stand the rain. against my window.[New LJ Post]

can’t we just go on tour already???
i live a fast life when i’m not home. but i am home. we’re still a week away from moving into our “rehearsal space/writing room” where we’ll finish the writing and pre-production for our third record. what’s after the “sophomore” release? is this our “junior”? i’ve got 1000 degree cabin fever. we’re all ready to get out of town. do something. there’s so much energy being bottled up right now i dunno if i’ll make it ’til may. perfect time to make a record, right? i think if i have to go much longer without making some music i will get face tattoos like ‘lil wayne and start a rap solo project on myspace. maybe i’ll tour with the millionaires… or brokencyde…
anyways, it’s gloomy out. i’ve got places to be… like starbucks or some other big chain hang-out. it’s nice to know you guys are hangin tough for us! we’re gonna make you a great record. after all, we aren’t coming out of all this down time with nothing to show for it. we really miss you guys and we’re ready to get back out there.
hayley timberlake.
just kidding geezzzzzzz!

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