Fans Meet Paramore

We will be posting exclusive fan encounter stories on this page every week! Have you met Paramore, been on stage with them, ran into them at the airport? Turned around at a security check line and realized Taylor of Paramore is standing behind you? Walked around in Disneyland and been asked to go on a ride with Hayley and her boyfriend? If yes, contact us and share your story!

Paramore is a special band and has been interacting with their fans on a very personal level since day one. We want to honor that and gather all of these great memories on this one page. We receive tons of entries but will only publish one a week, so keep checking back regularly!

• 11/03/14 – Caleigh meets Paramore on Parahoy!

• 22/01/13 – Jennie Skypes with Paramore