Jennie Skypes with Paramore

Jennie (@JennieKlotz) won Radio 1’s contest and was able to Skype with Paramore on a live radio show. She was told she could ask the band a few questions and then sing for them! We interviewed Jennie about her experience and here’s what she had to say!

Jennie, what did you do before the interview?
I had next to no sleep and set my alarm for 6:30am so I would be up and ready. The Radio 1 producers skyped me at 7:30am to check all was working and told me what was going to happen etc. I talked to my friend from Australia and had him keep me calm. I had the questions for the band in front of me (I had been told to prepare some questions), thought through what I was going to say and warmed my voice up to sing. I don’t really take long to get ready so most of the time was spent waiting, listening to the radio/’Now’ and reading through twitter/facebook.

What did you feel like when they came on?
Well I skyped them before it was broadcasted on air but as soon as I saw a call coming from Radio 1, I thought ‘right okay, this is happening’ and answered. And there was Hayley, Jeremy, Taylor and a producer. I didn’t really get much of a shock though, none of it seemed like it was happening at all. They then ran through what was going to happen then I got to chat to Paramore for a bit beforehand and after.

Were you nervous?
Surprisingly no.. I think I was past the point of excitement as I wasn’t even shaking or anything! It hadn’t even sunk in and none of it felt real whatsoever. I rarely get nervous and can talk for England so I knew it’d all be okay!

You said you talked to them off air, what did you talk about?
I showed them how I was wearing Jeremy’s ‘NWA’ shirt from the Paramore Yard Sale and they said I was beautiful and wondered how I was able to look that good in the morning *laughs*! Hayley then said my hair was amazing and asked if she could take a picture of me so of course, I said yes! We talked about tours, I showed them my ‘If Only Time Flew Like A Dove’ tattoo on my ribs and they said they’d seen it online before and that it looked sick! We also talked about the Official Paramore Fanclub and how I went to Australia in August to visit some of my Australian Paramore fan friends.

After Jennie and Paramore were done Skyping, Hayley tweeted about Jennie and posted the picture she took of her on her Instagram. Since then Jennie has met and been on stage with Paramore twice!

Below is a video of the interview Paramore did for Radio 1 Breakfast Show that day and it includes Jennie talking to Paramore as well! Jump to 15:48 for Jennie.