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Interviewcheck: Just talking about your new Album. It’s self-titled. Could you tell me something about your studio process?
Jeremy: Making this record was a lot of fun. Whenever we made a previous album we were finally in the studio for three and a half weeks or a month. For this record we were in the studio for over six months. So we spent a long time in the studio. We got so much time as we wanted. We spent about five or six days on each song. We did not have any place or any show to go. So it was really nice to have that time and to let out our creative freedom take over us. This one was really different. …. We got a lots of fun. We were watching movies, playing video games. We also had big family dinner. This was really nice. And I am pretty sure that we make every album like this right now.

Interviewcheck: What comes first? Lyrics or music?
Jeremy: Normally we had just the music and Hayley gets over it and write music. Some songs start with Hayley had some view ideas with some lyrics and turn it into a song. We just let the songs take over us. We just gave each song the time and the indention that they deserve. It just turn out very well.

Interviewcheck: What would you say, what are the most important influences on your music?
Jeremy: I think the three of us have such different music that we take influences from. On this record we tried to show everyone all the different styles and music that we love. And show people that we can perform different kinds of music than just our typical rock songs. We written the rock songs in our previous albums. I don’t think if there was one or two bands in particular that we listen to to inspire at that thing. The influences come out of our own instruments.

Interviewcheck: How Hayley write the songs? By hand on the Computer or what else?
Jeremy: It depends from where it comes. You can be driving down the road and find inspiration. She likes the handwrite. But sometimes I see her writing on her computer and just writing that way. Each song is individual.

Interviewcheck: What’s so important for you to make music?
Jeremy: I think all of us are creative people. It’s in us. You know, we are from Nashville. There are so many amazing artists. I think we all have to get it out, on paper. Get out of our head. This is a kind of creative freedom for us.

Interviewcheck: So would you say it’s like a normal job from nine to five?
Jeremy: I guess so. We don’t have time for anything else.

Interviewcheck: Why is your new album self-titled?
Jeremy: We really wanted to make a statement that this album is more Paramore than any of our albums. This really shows who we are. Lyrically and in the songs. You can really hear that we have really big resources. We got really excited. And the self-titled is the only way to explain this record.

Interviewcheck: Are you a fan of your own music?
Jeremy: Yes, more than ever. I think we are able to show the different styles. This is the favorite record and the favorites songs that we ever done.

Interviewcheck: Now you are promoting your album here in Germany. What are you doing in your free time when you are on Promo-Tour?
Jeremy: We don’t have much free time. I guess just watching movies, hanging out together and eat food.

Interviewcheck: So what’s your favorite movie right now?
Jeremy: That’s a hard question. I always like the Batman movies. But my all time favorite movie is Dumb and Dumber. I love that movie you can’t even beat that.

Interviewcheck: What kind of music do you like to listen to personally?
Jeremy: I like to listen to some Hip Hop.

Interviewcheck: After your record comes out you will be on tour. What’s so difficult being on tour?
Jeremy: I think the most difficult thing being tour is being away from your family and friends. For relationships this is also bad. I have a little puppy dog and I have to leave him. You can’t tell him: Hey, just sit there and wait for me just by the doors. That’s a really hard thing about leaving home.

Interviewcheck: What’s the best thing being on tour?
Jeremy: There are two things. One is playing the shows and meeting fans because it’s so different all over the world. Our fans are so devoted, they really makes us a wonderful time. And the other thing is just traveling around and seeing new cities that you’ve never been to. We are here in Germany now. We’ve been here for seven times least. You can see the city sights, go to great restaurants. That’s really cool.

Interviewcheck: Would you say you have a favorite place to play?
Jeremy: This is really hard to answer. We love playing here in Europe especially the festivals. You can’t find festivals like them anywhere else.

Interviewcheck: Why do you think so?
Jeremy: I think the people in Europe are more passion about music and love hearing live shows. In America it’s not so much. We love to come over here and have a good time.

Interviewcheck: Did you ever had bad experience on tour? Like falling from stage or something like that?
Jeremy: You know, we have good and bad times on tour. I do this flip over Taylor and it’s really fun to do. But one time he fall and it really hurt. It’s really embarrassing. Imagine if you fall right now in front of a thousand people, you would be embarrass too. And on festivals it will come on the big screen. This is really embarrassing but even that you have to laugh a lot.

Interviewcheck: I think for the fans it’s okay.
Jeremy: It shows that we are human.

Interviewcheck: What was the funniest situation that you had with a fan?
Jeremy: Oh, a fan you give us a toilet seat. All the fans in the main area at the concert had signed and they gave it to me.

Interviewcheck: This sounds really crazy. Do you prefer playing on stage or being in the studio?
Jeremy: We love creating music in the studio but I think we love playing live shows better because of there is no better feeling to play on stage. Hear the fans, they are so excited and they are screaming. When you starting the show you put so much energy in this. It’s such an incredible feeling.

Interviewcheck: Many bands have a special ritual when they go on stage. What’s yours?
Jeremy: Before we go on stage we are pretty nervous. But one thing that we do before we go on stage we jumping like we are crazy. Getting exciting. We got high energy concerts.

Interviewcheck: You told me that you have high energy concerts. What are you doing after the concert to bring you down?
Jeremy: That’s really hard. First of all we have to change because our clothes are wet. Take a shower and so on. After all we have really special food from the country where we play. It’s hard to come down after a show. Sometimes we go to bed at four o’clock in the morning.

Interviewcheck: Do you also hang out with the fans sometimes?
Jeremy: Sometimes it’s really depends on the show. Basically we go of stage the fans go straight and waiting for us at the tour bus. After the shower and the eating we go outside. There are fans and we will sign some thing and talk to them.

Interviewcheck: I want to talk about Josh and Zac. They just leave the band. The most of your fans were very frightened that Paramore could split at all. Was it a big problem for you?
Jeremy: We were a little nervous. Josh and Zac loved the passion from the fans but they didn’t not enjoy leaving home anymore. But Hayley, Taylor and me, we never lost our passion. We always wanna play shows for our fans. As I told you we were nervous. We know that our music would change. But now I think this is the best thing that could ever happen to us. Our friendship is better than ever. We are really ready to go and play shows for the fans.

Interviewcheck: Some bands have their typical sound. Now you told me that yours is really different from the other ones. What would you say, what changed a lot?
Jeremy: Really a lot. We changed as people. We grew up as musicians. Nobody wants to come out with an album twice. The thing is we are not gonna stop playing our own old music. But we don’t wanna be adding to a catalog.

Interviewcheck: Do you have a favorite song on your album?
Jeremy: It’s hard to say because we love all the songs on the new album. But if you ask me I would say “Ain’t it fun”. I enjoy playing this.

Interviewcheck: What was your first Vinyl?
Jeremy: That maybe sounds fun, but it was a Snoop Dog Vinyl. I was so excited but didn’t even had a vinyl player.

Interviewcheck: What do you think about the “New Music Generation” who are not buying Vinyls, CDs or anything else. Just streaming the music they want to listen to.
Jeremy: This is crazy. But the music industry is different to others. You don’t stealing books, you know. But with these it’s okay. I do it also.

Interviewcheck: Do you wanna tell your fans something?
Jeremy: Yes, really. I really want to thank the fans for being the supporter to us always. This is really important to us. So thank you for that.

Interviewcheck: Thank you very much for the interview.



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