Jeremy’s birthday project

A livejournal user, ghsoos is wanting fans to help him make a birthday video for Jeremy.

As they made with Taylor’s and Hayley’s birthday, @HechosParamore will make another video for Jeremy’s birthday and they need y’all to get involved. Here’s what you gotta do:

– Make a sign that says: “Happy Birthday Jeremy :l” or “Happy Bday Jeremy/Jerm :l” or any other greeting but try to include this smiley “:l” on your text. You can create your own text. Do not make signs with big texts because people don’t finish reading them in the video.

– Then take a picture of you holding the sign or just the sign and send it to our e-mail with the subject: “Jeremy’s birthday”. Please don’t send the pics on twitter cause we will be putting only the ones we get on our e-mail on the video.

– Do not send the pic more than once; we don’t want repeated photos on the video. If you want to know if we got your pic just ask us in the same e-mail if we got it and we’ll gladly respond you.

– We won’t accept pics made on a computer. You can adjust the brightness and contrast of the photo though. We don’t want over edited photos.

– You can add your twitter username in the sign or you can add it using your computer.

– Do not send your pic to any other fan base. As we said before, we don’t pics to be repeated.

– The deadline to send your pic is February 6th. We won’t accept more pics after the deadline. The video will be posted on February 8th in youtube and we’ll share the link in our twitter. We’ll also post the video in our tumblr and facebook.

We’ll need your help to make Jeremy see the video. You can help us by sharing the link of the video on twitter and sending it to him and the rest of the band.

If you want… take a look at the other videos they’ve done as birthday’s presents for the guys, Thanks in advance for being part of this project! :)


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