John Howard – a new touring member!

Some fans saw John Howard, a former member of the band “Stellar Kart” and Josh Farro’s guitar tech’s brother, playing next to Zac at the Pier Pressure festival in Gothenburg, Sweden on June 20th.

Last night during their concert in Belfast, Ireland, Hayley announced that John is their new touring member. This raised a discussion among the members of their official LJ community, so here’s a quote what Hayley said about John:

the 411 on john!
we really wanted john to be out for honda civic – and this is his practice run; to get prepared with all the parts for some of the songs and just feel it out.
he adds some of the parts from the records that we can’t do with just the 5 of us. and considering HCT is our biggest yet, we wanted that extra jolt to really fill it out.
he plays keys in crush, acoustics in brick, and adds a lot of electric guitar stuff that wasn’t there before, even if he’s just double-ing rhythm guitars with a lead octave.
not to mention he can sing and add a second background vocal besides the stuff josh does.

He is called the “Melody Guy”, welcome John!


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