Josh and Zac’s new bands

Looks like Josh and Zac aren’t going to be in a same band in the future, as both of them have their own, new bands now.

Zac (or Zach, whatever) and Jason Clark’s new band is called “Half Noise”, not “Tunnel” as said before. They decided to change the name as there were many other ones with that name, so they wanted to avoid confusion. Half Noise’s twitter can be found here. They also have a Tumblr, but if you wish to see what that band is up to, check out their twitter.

Josh’s new band is called “Novel American”, which is a name made up by his wife, Jenna. Josh posted a link to their twitter today, on his official twitter (personal) and you can find Novel American’s twitter here. Below is their first tweet.

Hey everyone! Josh,Van,Ryan and Tyler here. Thanks for following us. We will keep you updated on the latest news of our band here. Sweeeeet.

MTV has an article in which Josh talks about moving forward and how Novel American was created. You can read it here.

This will most likely to be the last update on the Farros, they’ve moved on, the rest of Paramore has moved on. I, however feel like we are not entitled to post anything related to their bands as this is a fansite for Paramore, and the guys are no longer a part of that. :)


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