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band practice [08 May 2009]

band practice tomorrow at 3pm
be there or be square.
we’ve got a week to go before tour starts. i’ve been going to the gym taking what precautions might be needed to get back into touring. i was having horrible visions of me staggering across the stage, all drunk like… and panting heavily… collapsing mid head-bang. not pretty.
right about now, i’m watching Cold Mountain. jude law looks better with a beard.
it’s so nice to just be home… or at my grannys apartment, rather. writing might’ve taken a toll on my crazy little mind, recording was a blast… now i get to sit back and listen to all of it.

hard to believe we’re onto the next thing now. we’ve got our first tour rehearsal tomorrow afternoon. i haven’t even seen the guys since we left california! i’m ready to pump up the jam. um.
alright – Cold Mountain is over. i realize this post was near pointless but i need a shower and a good night’s rest. big day ahead.
love you guys!
ps. it’s fun watching everyone piece all the random lyrics together.

viva las vegass [14 May 2009]

i’m still not packed!
we have a few more hours left at home before we head out to las vegas, nevada. first show is on saturday… i’m nervous. so what? i cut dairy completely out of my diet. even soy milk. why am i being so “good”? we haven’t been on tour for a while. i’m like that kid that’s going to camp for the first time ever. packing way too much. bringing a hair dryer!? (i’ve never brought a hair dryer on tour). needless to say, i am happily overcompensating for the fact that it’s been a while and i might’ve forgotten how to live on the road. i hope deep down i realize how hairy my legs could get on this 3 month tour. i have this “reminder” tattoo on my leg. sort of a tribute to my days of touring and living like one of the boys. it says “shave me” in a neat little banner… but i don’t think it’s going to help this time! if you’re a guy and you’ve just read this, i apologize. i can just imagine your faces right now. oh well.
all the write-ups for the new record are pretty exciting. we’ve been keeping up with them… sort of… a misquote here or there but there’s no use crying over spilled milk. for the most part, i can’t believe how positive all the reviews have been so far. (i’m winkin’ at you kerrang). just for the record, some of the titles you guys have are working titles and some of them are only bits of the real titles… some of the songs aren’t even titled yet! i’m just letting it slide though because as the album release gets closer all of that will get sorted. plus, it’s kinda funny when we get to watch people speculate.
who’s gonna be in vegas? well, we are! another night on the strip without access to any of the late night fun that goes on in the sparkly city. i can just watch it go by. i’ll be 21 at the end of this year. then i can gamble away all the money i’ve ever made. what joy….
“if god’s the game that you’re playing well we must get more acquainted
because it has to be so lonely to be the only one who’s holy”

headache. [15 May 2009]

look at me. 2 posts in 1 day.
we arrived in vegas a few hours ago. signs for the tour are everywhere… i think i might’ve forgotten how big of a deal this was going to be. big bad headache. i’ll try to sleep it away. 5 hours of press tomorrow. this looks like a twitter entry. i want the new sidekick pretty bad.
“all the best lies, they are told with fingers tied”


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