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02 Mar 2009

i had no idea i was engaged! i’m so happy for myself!

in case you guys have seen the post floating around the interweb, i just wanted to state for the record that chad and i are not engaged. haha i feel so ridiculous posting about this… but hopefully i’m posting enough in advance that most of you haven’t even heard all this, yet. ooh lordy.

so, now you’ve heard it here… the rumors are not true…

thank you and goodnight!!!

05 Mar 2009

all the songs are really coming together. we’re having a lot of fun writing. and writing. and writing.
i’ve been listening to a lot of random music lately… getting inspired and blowing my ear drums out in the car… teehee! check it out! maybe there’s something here you’ve never heard before:

The Impossibles – Anthology (these guys were on FBR back in the day)
Lemuria – Get Better (3 piece from brooklyn, female vox, nostalgic)
The Angels – My Boyfriend’s Back (oldies but goooodies)
Notorious B.I.G. – Life After Death (i still haven’t seen the film… *punches self in the face*)
Operation Ivy – Operation Ivy (catchiest songs i’ve ever heard… ok, besides “crush” by david archuletta, haha!)
The Swellers – demos upon demos (their new record is going to save your life)
Trapped Under Ice – Stay Cold (hardcore from baltimore)
Hole – Live Through This (sexy)
Morrissey – Years Of Refusal (nothing about this dude can be contained inside parentheses).

and my friend Ashley – who you might know from – just sent me some music
from her friend’s band Sleeper and the Sleepless. (2 girls with acoustic guitars… killer lady voices).

alright — hope you find something in that list that you can enjoy!

what are you guys listening to right now?

love, hayley

10 Mar 2009

hey guys…

by the way, i’m sure this seems obligatory and possibly too predictable but New Found Glory’s new record “Not Without A Fight” comes out tomorrow. besides having a sliiight crush on one of them, all those guys are great friends of mine and i’m super excited for them. they did such an amazing job making this record… (that means you too, Mark!) and i can’t wait for people to hear it! so pick it up tomorrow… or meet chad and i at Target on La Brea and Santa Monica in Los Angeles tomorrow at 11am and we will all buy it together.

love you guys, can’t wait to be on tour again!!!


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