LJ: One show left..

Hayley updated the band’s LiveJournal and shared her thoughts along with some of the lyrics for “Fast In My Car”!

One show left..
Only one more show of our first ever tour of 2013. My neck hasn’t felt this sore since we started touring in the beginnning of 2005… I keep telling everyone, “My body is resisting my will to rock!” Seriously though, the shows have been so fun that, at least for those 70 – 90 minutes up on stage, I don’t even notice. I love being back at it again. Surely, my creaking 24 year old joints and muscles will all submit to me soon. Submit to the rock. Let’s just not take another 2 years off, amiright?

Like I said in the last post, we have been doing some listening parties… playing 5 songs from the new album for around 20 fans. It’s been nerve-wracking and thrilling and extremely rewarding. I’ll never get over how amazing it feels to bare your soul in a song and then have someone listen and not only accept but fully embrace it. To be any kind of artist is a blessing.

The first song on the album is called “Fast In My Car”. We played this one in the listening parties even I was nervous to show people the way that the album actually begins. It begins this way for a reason though. The last few years of our band-hood were a pretty crazy ride. There were some seriously dark valleys. Lows that felt impossible to escape… but we did! We got outta there! The problem, however, with having lived out those lows in front of the world is that there are a lot of people who would rather see us stay down there. You know folks like that, I’m sure. They don’t want you to get back up and try again, especially if you’re going to try something new. Quite honestly, in our case, journalists and writers seem to want a juicy story much more than to actually have to do homework and say something positive. And you can’t always fault people for their curiosity. Our society perpetuates this… we are drawn to dilemma. I am just as much as anyone so I swear I’m not trying to point fingers! Anyway, Paramore have had our fair share of drama and we’re ready for something different. We want the soap-opera to stay behind us! Thus, “Fast In My Car”.

A lot of the reviewers who’ve heard this song go straight for the obvious when they hear some of the lines in the song. They ask me if it’s about losing 2 band members and being pissed off about it and blah blah blah… and I just want to say, loudly and proudly, that this song is not about that. There aren’t actually any full songs on the album about that. Certainly, I am always inspired by life and the things that my friends and I go through… So, there may be shades of those memories… but alls I’m sayin’ is… Don’t look too hard for something negative cause you’ll always find it. (I should listen harder to this advice!)

This year, I hope that as a band we really live out “Fast In My Car”. I want to just jump in a car, van, bus, plane, train, whatever… with my best friends… and take over the world. Armed to the teeth, ready for anything that comes our way but always with a new peace of mind that we’ve already won. There’s so much out there for us to experience and to gain and I’m ready to not miss out on any of it this time.

Alright, even though my favorite parts of this song are the verses… I’m going to stick with my gut and just give you guys the chorus. Simple and straight to the point. Can’t wait for you to hear the real thing!

“We’re driving fast in my car
We’ve got our Riot gear on but we just want to have fun
No, we’re not looking for violence…
Tonight we want to have fun”



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