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In this post Hayley is trying to explain to us that they are rethinking about the idea of releasing an EP for a couple reasons that she explained in her post. They’re just going to release 3 new songs which they’re currently recording at Rob Cavallo’s studio in California.

The babe with the power.


we’re back inside the studio. literally, inside of it. and so far, it couldn’t be any better! day #2 and we’re nearly finished tracking the whole 1st song musically… tonight it’ll be my turn to crank out some SICK VOXXXXX. i’m just a little excited. like clockwork, my allergies are ridiculous right now and my vocal cords are being total jerks. it’s alright though cause i fed them some watermelon juice and kale earlier. i could tell that made ’em smile. ew, look at me talking about my insides like they’re people. it’s like when guys name their weiners. just no.

well, i just figured i’d give you guys an update on where we’re at with the songs, life in general, and also tell you how amazing the movie Paul is. (it’s amazing). (kristen wiig is so funny). that’s really all i have to say about Paul. as far as music goes, we’re hoping to record 3 songs while we’re out here in California. the original plan was to record just 2 but seeing as though we’re moving pretty quickly, we may get luckier than that. i guess we’ll let you know when we figure it out! being out here is totally inspiring though. i remember when we showed up for the first time 2 years ago. within the first hour of actually pulling up to Rob’s we were already working on “Careful”. this place just has an electricity for us. and honestly, all it is is a studio inside of a garage. i mean, it’s a nice garage but… hey.

i guess the only thing we can say that won’t have you completely stoked out of your skull is that we are rethinking the idea of releasing these songs in EP form. for a few reasons which, of course, will be explained. we’ve obviously been through a hell of a lot in the past however many months it’s been… so it probably won’t come as any surprise to you when i say that i’ve written a lot of lyrics having to do with the whole situation. one you’ve already heard, (“in the mourning”) and quite a few others, some of which would never be paramore songs but were more just my way of venting and getting over everything. the 2nd song we’re recording and the 3rd one that we’re hoping to get done also have the same subject matter. and really, we just don’t want to put out a full product that sounds like a concept record about yet another difficult period in our bands life. it really is time to move on. with that being said, we want to give you all some new music. honestly, we want to give ourselves some new music too. geeeezzzz. so we’re working out how exactly to release everything… but so far it just seems like we spoke a little too soon about the whole EP thing. sorry :/ we were kind of excited. you will still be getting new songs though! and we think you guys are gonna really like them.

hopefully the whole thing makes sense. if not, i guess i could try to explain it in non-hayley-rambling-forever form, which would probably go like this: shit happens. if we put out another full product about our band woes then this will just keep going on forever and ever. after we put out the few songs that we’re recording, we never want to talk about it again. not in interviews, not in songs, nothing.

phew. that felt good!

now that we’re past the serious business can i just say that i’m SO freaking proud of the dudes. taylor has clearly had a lot on his plate getting ready for this little series of songs we’re recording. killing the drums, writing great guitar parts; etc. jeremy has this insane bass tone that he and riley (bass tech to the stars, also of Conditions fame) have been working on. working together has been good, you know? i feel inspired and motivated by all the changes we’ve gone through. and the friendships between the 3 of us feel like they’ve been dusted off, new again. i’m proud of what i’ve written lyrically – even though it’s not something i want to harp on forever. i feel like it’s the stepping stone, though, to wherever it is that we’re going next. that in itself is so exciting it literally hurts. the year ahead of us couldn’t possibly be anything less than incredible.

and lastly, i think i just need to brace myself. from here and now until whatever really happens next for us… i can feel that we’re on the brink of so much growth. for myself, personally, i just know i’m gonna look back a year from now and realize all that i’ve learned. but that’s enough about me, do you feel it too?

think it’s time to eat. i can hear the guys getting excited about something, so it’s either food, girls, or someone farted.


love you guys so much,

ps, didn’t proofread this so i’m sorry if there’s a ton of mistakes. (besides the usual non-capitalization thing)


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