LJ update


hey all,

hope everyone is enjoying “Renegade” and into everything we released today. hard to believe we wrote those songs so long ago and are just now getting them out there. i was ready to post them the week they were all laid down at the studio. so much has happened, changed, been good and bad, over the last year or two… and this is a nice big exhale. the calm after the storm, which sometimes is pretty hard to come by.
now that we are seeing these songs off for you to take care of and keep as your own, we are now beginning a whole new journey. the writing process is always a weird time for me… i doubt myself, listen to past records a lot to reassure myself, i isolate myself to make sure i’m staying focused… like i said, it can be pretty strange. however, this time i’m gonna try and break that mold i made for myself. jeremy, taylor, and i owe it to ourselves to really take us to a new place and just enjoy the whole thing without any stresses or awkward tensions. you guys know as well as we do, that it’s been a while since we’ve made a record that was just plain fun to make without any hangups.

so here goes. we’ve got some songs underway but it’s still the beginning.

on another completely different note, i really hope that the community can be a positive place. i am a person who has strong opinions… i don’t always voice them because i really don’t think it’s my place as an artist to be one of the loud mouths…. but what i’m trying to say is that, i understand people having opinions and wanting to voice them. there’s nothing wrong with not agreeing with everyone. what bugs me is that this place, this community, is a place for fans/family of our band to stop by and leave feeling better, not worse. no.. of course i don’t think the world is all roses and daises… but come on, you can get your fill of negativity just about anywhere else. so please, feel free to say you don’t like a song or you just aren’t into the way my voice sounds on this or that… but i am asking you to do it with purpose and not just because you don’t have anything else better to say. it’s really disheartening to see people here use our original online community as a sounding board for spiteful, bitterness.

anyway, i’m not your mom….

time to go write….



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