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posted this just now on my tumblr:

“Went to the Jeremy Scott x adidas party last night. I’d like to quickly point out (then avert your eyes elsewhere) the fact that I have NEVER been to Coachella yet, as of last night, I’ve been to one of the after-parties. This is so backwards. I should be ashamed.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that I met some really cool people last night. People who were all so different from each other. People who were excited to get out and let go. It was nice to just be surrounded by complete strangers for the night. Sometimes, I think it’s good to do something out of your typical routine. I don’t usually leave the house at 10pm to drive 2 hours and stay out til 4am. Maybe I just like my bed too much? What I’m trying to say is… there are a million-bajillion people on this planet (that’s just an estimation) and we’ll never ALL know each other well. Most of us won’t meet at all. But when we step outside our inner circle and start leaving footprints in other places we have a lot more chances to make impact, to learn something brand new, to find out who we really are by seeing a part of us in a total stranger.

Don’t judge. Don’t stay inside all the time. Get out and let somebody know who you are.”

but i wanted to go just the tiniest bit further here with you guys…
my experience last night has so much to do with the song “Careful”. there is a big world out there and it’s made up of a ton of human beings living and breathing their way through every day. most of us, lost and confused and weird. but who cares? we have very little time to be judging and pointing and “protecting” ourselves just because we are afraid of people or experiences that are unfamiliar. the last thing i’m trying to say is that we should cut loose and run rampid in the streets in the name of “looove”. what i’m saying is, the person that i’m standing behind in line at starbucks has a story just like i’m do… and given the right moment, i could probably learn a thing or two from them. it’s easy to stay inside, shut your door, and say you’re fine with the life you have.. but try something different every once in a while just so you can say you took the risk of making someone feel loved.

edit; OH! i forgot to sign off – how rude

love you guys a lot,


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