More Interviews

Here’s an interview with B.o.B and Hayley at 102.7 KIIS FM Jingle Ball in LA. They’ve got some interesting christmas gifts!


Z100 NYC Jingle Ball interview with Taylor, Jeremy and Hayley:

There are tons of other new interviews online with Taylor, Jeremy and Hayley. I listed all of the new stuff here, in case you want to watch them. Have fun! :)

Hayley talking about performing at VH1 divas
Hayley talking about their Grammy nominations
107.9 The End Jingle Ball interview with Jeremy and Hayley
“Playing God” is the last single off of Brand New Eyes!
Hayley and Taylor about Paramore’s most meaningful moment
7 year old Matty B. rapps for Hayley and B.o.B
Johnny & Jayde interview Taylor, Hayley and Jeremy


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