More pics from Musink + Hayley’s Tumblr

As said before, Taylor and Hayley attended the MusInk event a while back. We now have some more pictures from the event. Hayley also commented on this all on her Tumblr.

“Went to the MusInk fest last night in Orange County and met this lovely lady… with a sick Paramore tattoo! A P-more ticket stub on her left forearm! I secretly want the same tattoo but that might be weird, I think.”

Hayley also wrote another thing on Tumblr, regarding some rumors about their fourth album. Someone wrote a fake article online saying they are going to release the new album in September – this is not true. Think about it people… why would she say something that important in a magazine interview, without the boys, without posting it on That makes no sense.

As we’ve always said… unless it’s been posted on or another official site of ours, please don’t believe anything you read regarding our new album or any other Paramore news. Thank you and we love you.


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