New LJ entry [PS]

Hayley updated yesterday and answered some questions in the comments.

it’s been long enough…

lordy, where do i start!? miss you guys.
the honda civic tour has been one of the coolest tours that we’ve ever put together. not only because of the size of the crowds but the fact that we have been able to pull off a bigger show, with all the fancy production (never thought it’d happen!) as well as having a line up that is so diverse, i feel like there’s a band for anyone and everyone who comes out to the show. we’ve been having a blast.

right now, we have about a week off of it. and i’m sitting on my living room floor gawking at the TV and everything that is blowing my mind on the new season of True Blood. total vampire anarchy. that’s what’s going down in my house today! if i could count all the times i’ve heard “f*** authority” in the last couple hours i’d be so punk rock, i’d hurt. but anyways, this season is intense. i can barely keep up! between this and dexter coming out in a month my spare time is all booked and busy. which shows are you into right now? anything i should check out? (ps, chad is buying the box set of Lost and i’m going to start that sometime soon!)

the weather at home is so perfect right now. i feel really lucky to come home to a place that is so beautiful. sometimes it’s sad to leave and go out on the road, missing everything that happens here – but honestly, it’s nice to miss the things that you love once in a while. so you never forget to appreciate it. hopefully, i can say this without sounding like a preacher but… remember to enjoy EVERYTHING. the things that feel good, the things that hurt, rejection, acceptance.. it’s all going to make you better. stronger. and more like yourself. every once in a while i get a reminder of how much i’m okay with just being me. i know that sounds ridiculous. cause i’m in this band. we’re lucky. we got successful. but who i am is still this nerdy, silly, flamethrower of a person. and it took me 20 years to see that and get it and love it. now, that i’m home for a few days, seeing some friends and spending some good time alone… with myself… i got one of those reminders:

found one of my old journals. from right around the time we were heading out on tour with NFG in the UK early 2008. i started reading it and couldn’t help but cry a little bit. cause that person was really confused. and very lost. and as it went on, the person behind the pen seemed to get a little bit stronger.. that part felt good. it was the reminder that i needed that right now i’m as strong as ever. there really isn’t a point to telling you all of this. except maybe i want to thank you. cause you are a constant reminder. that i’m not as lost as i once was.

okay, Hoyt from True Blood is cute and distracting. so i’m going to finish watching this episode. hopefully i’ll be back soon! but definitely follow my tumblr if you want more consistent updates. it’s easier to post pictures and what not from the road. ok. Hoyt. gotta run!



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