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the past couple days have been a whirlwind. we played our first radio morning show, The Kevin and Bean Show on KROQ and then played our first big radio show, KROQ’s LA Invasion yesterday. there were many techinical difficulties at the LA Invasion but we made it through the show alright and had a great time.

in the midst of all the radio insanity, came the highlight of our lives, collectively.

that’s right, we met dave grohl and then watched the foo fighters from the crowd!!! seriously, the best rock show any of us have ever seen. dave came out with his guitar and played everlong up until the last chorus. he stopped. the rest of the dues came out and they just stood there with their instruments strapped on staring out into the crowd as we all screamed and cheered – and almost cried, haha. then they blasted into the last chorus and i almost lost it. we were jumping around and singing along like little girls (i am a little girl… so i’ve got an excuse, right?). it ruled.

i think another favorite part of the night was seeing Foo Fighters’ bass player, who i believe was the original bass player for Sunny Day Real Estate. the whole band is made up of super human musicians. so, thank you Foo Fighters’ for being the reason that we all woke up today more in love with music.

today we’re playin the Fall Ball in Tuscon, AZ. i’m pretty stoked cause we weren’t able to see The Smashing Pumpkins last night due to an early bus call. they are here again tonight. hopefully, we won’t have to leave early. i should probably get going… we got some press to do and i’m not even up and ready for the day yet haha.

(ps. thanks to kevin and stephanie for coming to see us at KROQ – it’s so good to know ya’ll and to have grown up with ya’ll for the past 2 1/2 years).

talk soon!


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