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new LJ post

thank you.

tomorrow is our “1st day back” — band practice will rule. i just know it. i’m feeling really good about it the closer it gets.
it may have been a tough month or so, as we’ve beaten into the ground a thousand gazillion times, but finally – and hopefully as of tomorrow – i am ready to start something new. man, i’m sick of being a tired grump. it’s easy to get that way in january, i suppose. but honestly, if not for most of you giving us even the slightest bit of encouragement, i probably would’ve fallen into a legit case of depression. so thank you. another mountain to climb and we’re getting there, right?

also, i know i didn’t answer as many questions as i sort of said i would in the last post. i go back every now and then and read your responses. honestly, they are all amazing. can you believe it’s been like 5 or 6 years of this community? we’re actually growing up together. i can’t imagine having had that conversation in the beginning of this. i’m so honored. can’t promise but i can say that i will try to go back and reply a little more.

this post really has no point other than to say that at the end of it i’m actually ready to move forward.

love you all so much,

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