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NZ -> Singapore.

so, i was on the plane today. well, we all were. (we’re in singapore now!). and being that we were sitting in business class, there were a lot of business men just hanging out, shipping champagne and laughing at things that i don’t really understand. so, this business man is hanging with his other business friend and they’re wearing the exact same outfit… only business man #2 is wearing his grey slacks so tight and high on his waist that his balls are like suffocating. and i can see this happening. like his pants are not leaving any room for my imagination. not that i would’ve wanted to imagine it in the first place. the worst part is that he is just standing right there, in my direct eyeline and i can’t. stop. looking. it was a train wreck of manly horror.
maybe i should’ve just said something. honestly, i kinda felt like i had a right to. what a sight it was, you guys. i wish you all could’ve been there.

in other news… haha… this tour has honestly done a million wonders for me. being in all these places and meeting people who live half a world (literally) away from where we’re from. it’s such a blessing to play these shows and see all of you out here.
japan was incredible. from the shows, to the dinners and shopping trips, the sight seeing. we were able to work with our original promoter – from the first trip we ever took over there. so the whole thing just felt like one big party.
being able to play soundwave festival for the first time could not have been any better. our sideshows ruled. youmeatsix are always a blast to hang with… and the festivals were. massive. thanks to everyone who stood under the blistering sun all day to hang with us. i thought i would die on stage in perth. we made it though. honestly, i still don’t get how zac puts on those shows and makes it all the way through playing as hard as he does. metal as hell, y’all.
i have to say, new zealand just about takes the cake. we had never been there, though, so maybe that’s what it is. our friend rowan, from the jury & the saints, took us around to all of his favorite spots and some of us even stayed over at his place to watch movies and climb trees. you guys, i climbed the highest tree ever… i would show you the pics but i went swimming in the ocean with my blackberry – which has since died – and that’s where all the photo proof is.

(SIDE NOTE: Anne Hathaway is absolutely stunning, kill me.)

and now, here we are in Singapore for the first time! we were greeted by some crazy fans at the airport. sometimes it makes me so sad when we can’t stay and hang. if we had a van and were in charge of driving it.. we’d make our own schedule. unfortunately, we get driven all over the place by folks that actually know where they’re going in all these cities. so they make the rules. hahah, it’s probably a good idea. we used to get lost every day touring in our van. anyways, i can’t wait to just be on stage tomorrow and see how these shows are gonna go down. bet it will be unbelievable.

i gotta run. think i’m gonna bug jeremy.
love you guys so much.

ps. we saw so many of our friends over the past week… and we want you to listen to em and know how awesome they are. Here ya goooo – youmeatsix, The Jury & The Saints, Alexisonfire, Comeback Kid, Set Your Goals, Sunny Day Real Estate. there are plenty more but i’ll save them for another time!


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