New LJ Post [this is turning into the worst blog ever.]


[music|Fireworks – All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion, rough mixes. THATS RIGHT!]

hahah here’s one more pointless post!
today, i woke up extra early. i was actually dreaming of Ian from NFG’s brother’s record label. (he blogged about it, so i guess it was on my mind for some reason – hahah). his brother and i were at the label, wherever that is, just laughing hysterically about something… and then i woke up. but with a smile! and now i’m up toooo early. we usually start "band practice" around 10:30 or 11am every day. i guess i’m gonna go grab some breakfast. most important meal of the day, kids. who am i kidding? i never eat a real breakfast. cereal is better at midnight, anyways.
wish us luck at the studio today, we’re demoing 4 or 5 songs this afternoon. woo! we had a really productive week. songs are really coming along. honestly, it took me a while this time to really find a "groove"… i feel like now that i’m there the whole process will be a lot less of a stress for me and more of a good time! can’t wait to see how it these songs turn out in the end!!!
chik-fil-a has good breakfast… i guess i’m going there.


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