new LJ update from Hayley

…and it’s the choice of a new generation!

Thank you guys so much for getting us that People’s Choice award. There’s only one way that we would be nominated and recognized among all those other nominees and that’s Y’ALL! So, seriously, thank you.

I had a good time hanging out, watching the show… dressing up! PS, don’t feel bad about any “worst dressed” lists, we all know that’s just me. Anyways, I’m much more saddened by the fact that the cast of Dexter didn’t attend. Oh well. I’ll go cry about it somewhere else, I guess.

So, this year is about to really get started. We got a video to make, merch to create, shows to put together and a bunch of touring to do! If I have to sit around at home (or in LA, whichever) any longer I might pull my hair out. After a couple weeks of being off, I just start to feel useless. Not in a sad, pathetic, sort of way more like a Tin Man… or maybe a Scarecrow… kind of way. I keep trying to find things to do to get prepared for what all is next. I guess the only thing that I won’t have to do is re-dye my hair. Already took care of that one. In fact, I didn’t waste anytime doing away with the blonde. The morning after we all flew in from London I went straight to Brian (O’Connor – if you’re interested). We died my hair with the pure blood of a real live red-haired angel… aka the guitarist (Wes- if you’re interested) of one of my favorite local bands, Murdock. So this red is here to stay. That is, until I get bored again.

Wow. Did I really just blog about my hair? I’m as bad as every first few sentences of every write-up we’ve ever had.

Hmmm… well, things to do:
– fix my email for the mobile stream on
– buy a pair of new jeans
– make some clothes for tour (cause it’s about time that I do that, i think)
– never use capital letters in a post ever again
– figure out who we are touring with in the US, this summer
– make up another “to-do” list.
– get rid of my iPhone. (apparently, once you go blackberry, you never go backberry… someone shoot me for that dad joke)
– see that Dr. Parnassus movie

Okay, I’m done.

Everyone have a lovely rest of their Friday… and a great weekend.

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