New LJ update from Hayley


how’s everyone doin?

just wanted to pop in and tell you guys that all the v-day cards i’ve seen so far are incredible. can’t wait til we get them all together at the video shoot. thank you all so much for being a part of this. the video is meant to be very personal and real and we couldn’t do that without you. hope you’ll enjoy it.

so, we got the opportunity to make some cheesy little valentine’s cards that i thought were gonna go into Hot Topic but they are going straight to the webstore. pick up em there if you like unicorns and telling people they’re shaped like an hourglass. just something fun we did. i’ll probably send Barack Obama one again this year even though he didn’t ever write me back.

here’s the link for paramore valentine’s notes if you’re wondering about them:

well – we’re getting ready to head BACK to LA… already. not even a week at home but you know what? i couldn’t care less! i’m ready to start gearing up for tour. this weekend we’ve got the Grammys, The Only Exception shoot, and another special little spread that i get to be a part of. no, it’s not Maxim. anyways, lots of work to get done. FINALLY! ps, i hung out with Jeremy last night and know that he feels exactly the same and now i don’t think i’m crazy anymore. we seriously can’t wait to see you guys!!!

have a good week, we’ll talk to you this weekend!



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