New LJ update from Hayley

Whoa woah woe..

it’s sort of unbelievable how much can happen between these LJ posts…
i don’t say that in a negative way really. i’m just only starting to realize the time that’s passed now that i sit down to write you guys.

with all the off time and the sitting around at home i’ve really just felt afraid to be still. it’s hard to go from moving at a million miles a minute to stomping on the brakes. and now — THANK GOD — we’re getting ready to get a little busier. you might’ve heard but there will be a new song on the way pretty soon and that means, we’ll have some work to do! not to mention, rehearsals for summer shows will be here before i know it. i mean, i really have to keep reminding myself… it’s only a few months off! it should be a good thing right? balls!

i’ve been in LA for quite some time now.. while i’ve been out here, i’ve seen some great shows (A Day To Remember, The Swellers, Zach Galifianakis — ugh i can’t spell that! — Best Coast, Jon Brion, The Watkins Family Hour, and I think more but I can’t remember right now), went on a date at LACMA to see the history of fashion exhibit, and i haven’t eaten meat in months! who knows how long that will last though…. I mean, I can’t really complain. it’s been a lot of fun. you know what i think my problem is though? i think i have growing pains.

i always come back to this… to growing and changing and how it feels when the whole world already “knows” exactly who you are. they know your next step before you take it. they know your every reason for every thing. and hey, this is the life i wanted! honestly, i love the workload (how i miss it right now), the company (you guys), all the different places, and most of all the freedom to create. all i can say is, with all that’s on it’s way to us right now… and i really believe in it… i guess i feel like a different version of me is ready going to be taking it on. i mean, damn, i’ve had enough time right? and yes, i said it before, but i think the guys are there too. i don’t think i’m alone when i talk about how some screw has been tightening… or loosening.. in my head. maybe even some of you are there too? there is never a bad time to start over, in my opinion.

with all that being said.. i’m SO ready for new music to get out there. we’ve been talking about it since february. you’ve sort of heard one of the songs but i’m ready to hear what you think about more of them. i’m ready to see you guys face to face at shows. ready to care about what i look like a little (you know, quit looking like a scrub just cause i know i’m off)… which i guess means i can let myself go shopping.. yes? thank you.

anyways, what was the point of all of this? did you get it? i’m so excited for summer. let’s talk more soon. sooner than it took us to talk last time.

love you guys a lot,


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