New Paramore Project!

The holidays of 2018 are quickly approaching and we have a new project we want to tell you about! We are in the process of making four mixed CDs for Paramore and would love your help!

Let’s get right into it!

Each CD represents one season of the year, spring, summer, fall and winter. E.g. you choose the song ‘Spring’ by Two Door Cinema Club for the season of spring (obviously haha). It doesn’t have to be that transparent though! It could be a feeling of a song you get that makes you feel cozy in winter or a happy melody that reminds you of a cheerful summer or any lyrics that remind you of a certain season! We’d love an explanation of why you love those songs and why you’d like Paramore to hear them.


To participate, pick 1-4 four songs, one per season, and send your song suggestions and descriptions to us via email, It’s best if you type the text straight into the e-mail (no need for Word files) and send it to us! Please include your name, age, city and any social media handles you may have (so Paramore might recognize your song suggestion when they see your info!). You may also include a short holiday greeting to them, but please limit it to 100 words! Same goes for the song descriptions, we wanna make sure everyone can fit in the booklet!

The deadline for all submissions is October 15th, 2017. We will not accept any submissions sent in after that date.

At the end of this project we hope to have four mixed CDs which we will send to Paramore in time for the holidays. Each of the CDs will have a fan made cover, to represent the four seasons. If you are artsy, please let us know in the email and you may be selected as our cover artist!

IMPORTANT! Please don’t tweet or talk about this on any social media platforms publicly, so we can keep it as a surprise!



City and country:

Email Address:

Link to your summer song:

Link to your fall song:

Link to your winter song:

Link to your spring song:

Why did you chose these songs? What do they mean to you? Why do you want Paramore to hear them?

Your message to Paramore (100 words maximum!)

Your social media handles: