“New Sensation” a new LJ post

what a weekend THAT was. damn, it never fails to amaze me when i look up and all around me and realize that we are standing on a red carpet. isn’t that sort of every little girl’s dream at least at some point in their life? even if just for a second, you wanna know what it would be like… i mean, i always did. it’s only made even more ridiculous and amazing by the fact that i get to do this stuff with my friends. the guys and i had a blast. let’s not even try and talk about presenting “best rock album” cause i’m pretty sure i nearly pissed my pink tou tou. this years grammy’s were, without a doubt, the best we’ve ever been a part of. and i’ll follow that up by saying, whatever is going on with the 3 of us – however this is working out – it’s something new. it’s unexplainable. and new! i don’t know how else to say it without sounding like i’m forcing it and being a downright d-bag. something just clicked and whatever that was, i’m so freaking incredible grateful for it.

we really made the best of our entire weekend. did a brand new photoshoot – i mean how much longer could you guys crop and re-edit old photos? must have been a little more than awkward too, right? well, lindsey byrnes knocked it out of the park. we had a blast getting all dressed up (i might have had too much fun… but you’re used to it by now) and sooner than later, some of those pics will be up on the interwebz for us all to gawk at. we hung out a lot with our label folk. both Fueled By Ramen AND Atlantic folk, if any of the haters are wondering! we even went to the label’s after party and held down a whole corner in which we danced the night away and onlookers were all “wtf” til they came over and got down with us. the best part is that we actually planned out a lot of our 2011. i know everyone has been hoping for an EP and while we don’t want to confirm anything 100% due to the fact that well, we just don’t wanna confirm it… i can say that we do have enough songs *in the works* for one and we will be recording some of them after we get back from Brasil :) thumbs up? yes? no? mmm yes.

just seems like someone opened up all the windows and let all the air back in. wish you all could have been right there with us over the weekend. hanging out with us and feeling our insanely good vibes, haha! we’re ready to give back to you guys for all the love we’ve felt from you over the past couple of months. heck, for the past 7 years! there’s something new happening here and it’s definitely good.



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