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Alternative Press Music Awards

Last night Paramore attended the Alternative Press Music Awards. They were up for five awards but did not win any this year. Our gallery has been updated with pictures from the awards. You can find all of the pictures here.

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Hayley’s New Dog, Alf

Hayley has quite recently revealed that she’s now got a dog called Alf! Alf is a goldendoodle puppy.
Hayley has already been tweeting a few pictures of him and you can also find those pictures in our gallery.

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New photos: Paramore performs in Hershey, PA

Paramore performed in Hershey, PA at Hersheypark Stadium last night. Our gallery has been updated with first photos from the show and meet & greet, you can find all the photos here.


Also check out photos with fans who met and got to ride a roller coaster with Hayley and Taylor at Hersheypark. Those photos can be found here.


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New photos: Paramore performs in Columbia, MD

Paramore performed in Columbia, MD at Merriweather Post Pavilion last Friday. Our gallery has been updated with new photos from the show and meet & greet. Go here to see them all.


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Jason Segel Surprises Hayley in On Air with Ryan Seacrest

Jason Segel surprised Hayley, who’s a huge fan of him, with a phone call in On Air with Ryan Seacrest earlier today . You can listen the whole thing below, Hayley’s part starts from 8.00.

When we patched in Hayley on the phone for her big surprise, she was naturally at a loss for words, but she did get out, “Oh my God, Hi!”

After some banter about being fans of each other — Hayley plans to see Sex Tape on her next day off — Jason asked her about being on tour with Fall Out Boy. “It’s good, we’re like a month in,” she replied. “It’s been rad. I’m loving it. We don’t get to the west coast until August, but if you’re in Irvine you can see us on the 16th.” “I’m always in Irvine in August,” joked Jason. “This is perfect. I summer in Irvine.”

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Paramorefans.com interviews Paramore

Paramorefans.com interviewed Paramore in Holmdel, NJ. You can watch the interview below.

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