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Hayley on Nylon Magazine’s Checklist

Hayley was Nylon Magazine’s special guest curator for yesterday’s Checklist. She told the magazine what’s inspiring her and also revealed that she plans on releasing her own line of hair color this year! You can read the whole article below.

Welcome to The Checklist, NYLON’s new morning wake-up call. Whether you’re looking for a little outfit inspiration, a new song to play as you drink that first cup of the coffee, or that one bit of news you can’t leave the house without knowing, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be updating every day during the week, every single early morning (New York time, natch), with a different editor–and sometimes special It Girl guests–curating the picks, so you have no reason not to make it your first-thing-to-check-the-moment-you-turn-on-your-phone. Still not enough early inspiration for you? Then head to Instagram–we’ll be using the hashtag #NYLONDaily as a place for NYLON readers to show off the things that inspire them, and we want you to contribute!

The Checklist Curator: Hayley Williams, Paramore

The Look: Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg’s Calvin Klein Campaign and Claudia Schiffer’s ’90s Versace Ad
I’ve got two and they both involve blue jeans, topless people, and the ’90s. Both these ads showcase everything I love about jeans. To me, they represent women’s rights, hard work, and progress. Boyish and hyper-feminine, timeless and cool. For a while, I resented being the “T-shirt and jeans” girl but lately, since turning 25, I think my love affair for blue jeans has been reborn.

The Face: RMS Uncover Up in “00″ RMS has been my fave face makeup brand for over three years now. One hundred-percent organic and it’s A-OK for acne prone skin and sensitive skin, both of which I have. Best part is, they finally came out with “00″ – a lighter shade for my see through pale-ness.

The Inspiration: Manic Panic
Right now, I am incredibly inspired by the force that is Manic Panic. I love their history, what they mean to so many generations of teenagers and punks, or anyone just looking for a new way to express themselves. My goal for 2014 is to get the hair color line I’ve always dreamed of creating. I came up with the name years ago and finally made the decision to start working on it last summer. There’s so much to do but Tish and Snooky and Manic Panic keep me believing in the hair-dye dream.

The Song: “Coming of Age” by Foster The People This song came at the right time for me. I really relate to the lyrics and the sound of it, sonically, is so satisfying.

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Photos from Perth, AUS

Paramore played the second last show of the Australian and New Zealand Tour earlier today in Perth. We have now added first photos from the show and meet & greet into our gallery, check them all out here.



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Photos from Adelaide, AUS

Paramore played in Adelaide yesterday. We have now added new photos from the show and meet and greet, check them all out here.


We have also added photos with fans who spotted the band at the airport, those can be found here


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Photos from Melbourne, AUS

Paramore played in Melbourne yesterday. We have now added new photos from the show and meet and greet, check them all out here.


Also check out the photos with fans who spotted the band out and about in the city, those can be found here.



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Taylor injures his ankle

According to fans who went to the show in Melbourne tonight (Jan 12th), Taylor injured his ankle during Part II and wasn’t able to walk on it for the rest of the show. We hope it wasn’t anything major and that he recovers fast!

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Photos from Sydney, AUS

Paramore played second show of the Australian Tour today in Sydney. We have now added new photos from the show and meet and greet, check them all out here. There’s also photos with fans who spotted the band at Sydney Airport, those photos can be found here.

11.01.14 – Sydney, AUS @ Allphones Arena:


At Sydney Airport:


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