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Adweek interviews Hayley Williams

Hayley talked to Adweek’s Emma Bazilian about TV, Twitter, why she doesn’t use Instagram and other things too. You can read the whole interview below.

What’s the first information you consume in the morning?
I read my emails and my texts first, and then depending on who walks the dog, I go out and that’s where I read Twitter. I’m a little addicted to Twitter, I have to say.

Who do you follow?
I follow so many things. Vice and BuzzFeed for news and entertainment, even Good Morning America, which sometimes has really silly stories. Most of all, I like to follow my friends, especially when I’m away from home and I want to know what they’re up to.

How about other artists or bands?
One band that does social media really, really well is a band on our label called Twenty One Pilots. They always have fresh videos, they always post things that are very relevant to the moment, and they always have real conversations with their fans. Another artist I love following, not just on Twitter but also on Tumblr, is Taylor Swift. She just does a great job of talking to fans and making them feel like they exist.

Are you on Instagram?
I used to be. On Instagram, I don’t like the way that you see all of your comments no matter what. There’s too many trolls and people that just want to put negative energy into your day. I was finally like, “You know, I don’t have to do this.”

Do you prefer to stream music or buy it?
I don’t use any streaming services. I never have. It’s not even a political statement; it’s just that I’m old-fashioned. I still like to go buy CDs.

What TV shows do you watch?
I watch everything. It’s kind of getting to the point that I’m getting embarrassed about it … But also I’m not embarrassed [laughs]. I like Shark Tank, and I watch every single episode of Law & Order: SVU and NCIS. I also like stupid TV. I can’t even express to you how sad but also satisfied I am by the fact that I indulged in The Bachelor this season.

Do you and your bandmates binge-watch shows when you’re on tour?
We went on a really long summer tour last year, and we were all into Game of Thrones—but only half of us had seen all of the episodes. So we just went to Best Buy and bought all the seasons—of course, on Blu-ray, because I was like, “I’m gonna take these home and keep ’em.” We watched every episode together after shows.

What’s your favorite app?
I love Afterlight. I take a lot of pictures throughout the day, especially now that I have a dog. I’ll pull out the camera, and he knows to pose now, poor thing. He’s like, “OK, get it over with.” I’m also now using Pinterest. I don’t have a real board or anything; it’s more like a private folder of pictures of home décor and recipes. It’s pretty much the worst Pinterest ever. If anyone ever found it, they’d be so disappointed.

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New blog post from Hayley

Hayley wrote a new blog post on paramore.net. She talks about how it’s the end of the time with the Self-Titled Album, upcoming Writing The Future, her hair dye line and also her newest project: beauty-focused video series on ‘Popular’, new online magazine. You can read the post below.


What a year. And it’s only March.

I’m trying to understand how it could be that 3 years have gone by since we wrote and recorded the Self-Titled album. How is it that we are near the end of our time with this album? I remember at the beginning of 2006, some of our team started to ask what we were thinking about the next album and if we’d begun writing what would later become “RIOT!”. I’ll never forget that conversation and how sad it made me. Things had only begun to heat up for us with “AWKIF” and I was feeling like it still had a ton of life in it. We were on Warped Tour that summer and when the tickets for our first headlining tour went on sale, I could feel myself becoming more and more satisfied with the life that we gave our 1st album. We gave that album what it deserved, with a pretty-much sold out tour, after it gave us what would become the foundation for our entire career.

Today, I felt the sadness again. This time for our 4th album. I listened to some of the songs in the car while driving on the interstate… which is the best place to listen to your own album because you don’t have to stop at the red lights and feel like people can tell that you’re listening to yourself. I listened to some of the songs we haven’t played, some that we have… and I just felt like I wasn’t ready to let go. It’s really true that this album was our favorite yet. It’s really true that we became the band we always hoped we would be. I think I sorta knew it was in us all along but I’m one of those people who doesn’t always do a good job of putting those feelings into words. I’m better at putting those feelings into lyrics. You’d think lyrics and words are one in the same… nope! The fact that we get to do another run of shows for the S/T cycle is totally saving me right now… Keeping me from feeling a ton of regret. It’s keeping me excited. There’s still some life left in it and I’d feel that forever if we didn’t get a chance to let it out. I’m so ready for Writing The Future.

At one point during the drive, I must’ve accidentally hit “Shuffle” because “Whoa” came on, haha! It was the suckerpunch of nostalgia that I definitely didn’t need anymore of today. But it didn’t make me sad, it made me so proud and so happy. It reminded me that at one point, I thought I could never do better than that album… and then the guys and I went on to write 3 other ones that made me more and more proud with each one. That’s the feeling that keeps me hopeful and inspired. Even though it’s a little bit sad to have to leave some parts of your life behind you, it’s crucial. There’s more to do. You’re needed in the future, where a newer, stronger version of you is waiting. Ugh, I have no idea what is next for Paramore but I can’t wait to find out.

In other, less musical news, I’ve had enough free time since Monumentour to work on a couple of other projects. One being an entire business that I’m starting from the ground up. My own hair dye line. I really wanted it to already be a thing by now… but DAMN did I underestimate the workload. You may not believe me when I tell you this but I have been working towards my own hair dye company for the better part of 4 years. It started around the time that Jeremy, Taylor, and I went to visit Bamboozle that one year we didn’t play. I think it was 2011. Here we are at the beginning of 2015 and I can actually say that it’s becoming reality. As in, it’s being made. It’s happening! As soon as I know with 100% certainty that it’s okay to talk about publicly in detail, then you can bet I’ll be screaming it from the top of internet mountain. I cannot wait to bring people into this… I’m learning so much and I’m excited to hopefully share what I learn with people so that they can take the art of self-expression into their very own hands, with confidence! It’s gonna be fun.

The 2nd thing I’ve been working on was just announced last week, although it would’ve been easy to miss if you weren’t glued to the computer, or the Twitter, as I am pretty much daily. I’m going to be hosting an internet show about beauty looks and makeup and personal inspiration. The show is called Kiss-Off and it’s part of the new online zine/community called Popular that my friend Marvin Scott Jarrett, who co-founded Nylon Magazine (MAYBE YOU’VE HEARD OF IT), just launched. It’s a little bit unbelievable that I bumped into him while grocery shopping in LA last summer and not even a year later I get to be a part of his new project. I’m super excited about it. You’re really going to see how much of a nerd I am… and hopefully you’ll get to see how widespread my influences and inspirations are. The show is NOT a show about “how to get pretty” or “this is how you should look!”. It’s really about encouraging people, especially young people, that perfection is not what makes beauty. Getting to know yourself through your inspirations, painting your personality across your face, and enjoying the process of self-expression… that’s what is beautiful. The best part is, I get to bring Brian O’Connor (my best friend of about 10 years/the boy wonder who makes me look alive on the road & in videos) along for the ride. We shot a few episodes already and I’m sure we’ll shoot some more once we’re on the road. Hopefully, you won’t think we are complete losers. You probably will. Oh well.

Geez. Did I leave anything out? I didn’t talk much about wedding planning did I? Haha, when I say life is crazy at the moment… I mean, life is CUHHH-RAAAAZY. But it’s all the good kind of crazy. I’m pinching myself in between pulling my faded and frizzy orange hair out. It’s amazing. Okay. The longest blog of my life. I really owed some of you guys though. It’s always a long time between personal updates and I’m always getting asked to write these. I might’ve lost my touch. Teenage Hayley was insane on Xanga and LiveJournal… older me is all 140-characters lazy. Anyway, I did my best! Thanks for reading, caring, supporting.

Taylor, Jeremy, and I are forever grateful for this big crazy family we have found in all of you and we can’t wait to party in April & May. Happy Spring!

love Hayley!

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New video: Writing The Future Commercial

Paramore posted a new video where they talk about the upcoming Writing The Future tour, you can watch the video below.

Get your tickets to Paramore: Writing The Future – an intimate evening of music with Paramore and their long-time friends Copeland now at paramore.net!

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Hayley Williams to host a beauty-focused ‘Kiss Off’ video series on a new online magazine

Hayley will be hosting a beauty-focused ‘Kiss Off’ video series on ‘Popular’, Nylon magazine’s co-founders’ new online magazine that features editorial and video content targeted at women ages 18 to 25 that touches on fashion, music, celebrity, beauty, culture and travel. The tag-line Popular is “the anti-social network.”

In addition to the digital magazine, Popular will publish a quarterly magazine. The first edition will arrive this spring. You can read more about Popular here and also on the magazine’s official website.

Hayley mentioned Popular on her Twitter in the beginning of last month already and again today, saying that she’s very excited about it.

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Parahoy – 1st Anniversary

It’s been a year since the first-ever Parahoy cruise! To honor that amazing cruise, we gathered together some stories from cruisers that were lucky enough to go on Parahoy! The cruisers from all over the world wrote something about their brilliant vacation and shared their favorite moments. To read the stories, click here.

Were you on Parahoy? Would you go on Parahoy II?


A massive thank you to Aaron, who also shared his Parahoy story, for helping us with this project.

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InTouch interviews Paramore

InTouch sat down with Paramore backstage at the Hilton Play Concert in NYC last week, they talked about Hayley’s wedding, Jeremy’s daughter and their Grammy win. You can read the interview below.

Fresh off the back of their Grammy win and kicking off the Hilton Hotel’s “Play” series, Paramore sat down with InTouch to talk awards, gigs, famous friends and weddings.

Sitting snugly together on a couch in the Conrad Hotel, New York, Hayley Williams, Taylor York and Jeremy Davis are buzzing. And is it any wonder? With a recent engagement, a Best Rock Song Grammy for ‘Ain’t It Fun’ and a host of intimate gigs in the pipeline, the ten-year-old band are at the height of their game.

Flame-haired Hayley remains coy about her recent engagement, though beams from ear-to-ear as soon as it is mentioned.

Though she has no wedding plans as yet, she says, “I’m not one of those girls who grew up dreaming of a wedding, I only saw myself playing in a band. I’m having fun with it and not stressed at all. It will feel like us, our personalities will be in there for sure.”

Jeremy’s daughter just turned one and when asked how difficult juggling fatherhood and being in one of the hottest bands around is, he reveals it’s been crazy – but a good crazy.

“It’s been pretty crazy, she just turned one and is starting to move around a lot. She came on tour with us, it was crazy and fun. But she loves music as well because her mom came on tour with us when she was in her belly so she’s used to it.”

Taylor seems to be the shy one of the group as he remains fairly quiet throughout, though does admit he has Katy Perry’s number in his phone.

The trio are still walking on air from their Grammy win two weeks ago, and when asked what the award means to them, Hayley said, “Any band would want that but we are a band coming from a world where just being nominated is the equivalent of winning.

“We’ve been nominated a bunch of times and there was only a couple of times I thought we might have a chance, this was not one of those times!

“We were in such a stacked category of legendary musicians and rock musicians I just never thought we would take it home. But it feels great to show our fans they believed in us for a reason.”

On Monday, February 23, Paramore played a private concert at the Conrad New York, in partnership with Live Nation, to kick off the Hilton@PLAY concert series.

In January, Hilton Worldwide announced their mission to excite and inspire the world to play again via a five-year strategic marketing partnership with Live Nation, the world’s leading live entertainment provider.

Through the relationship, Hilton will benefit from Live Nation’s fully integrated global music platform including concerts, VIP access, digital media, ticketing, content and performance venues.

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