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Hayley and Chad visiting the Museum of Modern Art in NYC

Hayley and Chad visited the Bjork exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. They both updated new photos from their visit, you can see all the photos in our gallery. Hayley also wrote a post about it on her Tumblr, you can read below what she had to say.

For Chad’s birthday this year, I decided to get him a once in a lifetime sorta thing. Sometimes you get your person some clothes, or like a keepsake kind of a thing… But this was an experience. When I heard it was only going to be around for a short time, I knew he had to see it.
Bjork is one of his all time favorite singers. Actually, she’s pretty much at the very tiptop of the list. So, being able to go with him and see him experience it was just as exciting as experiencing it for myself.

I don’t do these kind of posts, like ever, haha… But it was too special and Bjork is too cool to not share some of these pics!

We pretty much sang our way through the whole exhibit (see: 1st pic of me mid-sing face…“Hyperballad”).
Chad took a lot of pics of me with the Bjork mannequin/figures, haha. It’s nice to be the same height as someone…. anything.
The coolest part for me might have been seeing the photos of her vocal cords. It would appear that she and I have suffered some of the same minor traumas, vocally. My cords have a similar little polyp on one side and a little swelling whenever they are agitated. I look up to Bjork so much – especially as a singer – and it was very comforting to see with my own eyes that I’m not the only singer who doesn’t have perfect vocal cords!
Chad and I went through every part of the exhibit and I think both of us were most affected by the “Black Lake Experience”. I probably won’t really be able explain it well. It’s a video she made for a sort of different version of the song “Black Lake”. There are 2 screens, sometimes showing different parts of the same scene, and there is a lot of sound. Beautiful and all around you.
The song is heartbreaking alone but when you see what she does through out the video you can’t help but feel it even heavier. I won’t even lie, I totally cried.

If you’re not a Bjork fan, I don’t know how much you’ll take away from the exhibit… But if you are and you’re in the city with time to spare, you should make it happen. So so cool.

So thanks to Chad for being born and loving Bjork so much that it made me love her music more than I did before :) So happy we got to see that together.

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Paramore performs in Boston and New York

Paramore performed in Boston, MA at the Citi Wang Theatre on May 5th and in New York, NY at the Beacon Theatre on May 6th. We have updated our gallery with new photos from both shows, you can see all the photos here.

05.05.15 – Boston, MA @ Citi Wang Theatre:


06.05.15 – New York, NY @ Beacon Theatre:


Paramore’s self-titled album was recently certified gold in the US having sold over 500,000 copies. The band got their gold discs before the show in NYC. New photos of the band with their discs available in our gallery.


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Paramore visiting Boston Children’s Hospital

Paramore visited Boston Children’s Hospital earlier today. The band was being interviewed and then they met and took photos with fans, Go to our gallery to see new photos from their visit.


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Win handwritten lyrics from Hayley!

MetroLyrics asked Hayley to handwrite out the lyrics to Paramore’s song ‘Proof’ and they are now giving away the the first sheet of the lyrics, autographed by Hayley, to one lucky fan!

Here’s how you can enter for a chance to win it.

1. Follow @MetroLyrics and @yelyahwilliams on Twitter (if you aren’t already)

2. Send a tweet that includes #ProofLyrics, the handle @yelyahwilliams, the handle @MetroLyrics, and the link to this post to receive an entry into the contest.

Example tweet: “I want to win #ProofLyrics from @yelyahwilliams and @Metrolyrics! [link]”

You must be legal resident of one of the United States or Canada to enter. Read more about the contest rules here. If you can’t enter you can also print our the lyrics, large version of the lyrics available here. Below new photo of Hayley with the lyrics.


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Paramore performs in Rosemont, IL

Paramore performed at Rosemont Theatre in Rosemont, IL yesterday. We have updated our gallery with first photos from the show, check them all out here.


After the show Hayley posted two new videos of the band greeting fans before going to their tour bus. You can watch the first one below and another one here. Jeremy also took few photos with fans, those are available in our gallery.

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New photos: Paramore spotted by fans in Chicago, IL

Paramore was spotted by fans in Chicago, IL earlier today. They were at least shopping at a local mall. Go to our gallery to see new photos with fans. The band plays at Rosemont Theatre in Rosemont, IL tonight.


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