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New photos: Paramore performs in Chicago and Cincinnati

Paramore performed in Chicago, IL at First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre last Friday and in Cincinnati, OH at Bunbury Festival last night. Our gallery has been updated with new photos from both shows. Go here to see them all.

11.07.14 – Chicago, IL @ First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre:


12.07.14 – Cincinnati, OH @ Bunbury Festival:


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Alternative Press scans

Our gallery has been updated with HQ scans from the newest issue of Alternative Press. The magazine includes a short interview with Hayley, new photos of Hayley and also new photo from Paramore’s photoshoot with Kane Hibberd. You can find all the scans here.


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New photos: Paramore performs in Indianapolis, IN

Paramore performed in Indianapolis, IN at Klipsch Music Center last night. Our gallery has been updated with first photos from the show and meet & greet. You can find all the photos here.


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Rolling Stone interviews Hayley

Hayley spoke with James Montgomery of Rolling Stone about the success of ‘Ain’t It Fun’ and why now is the best time to be in Paramore. You can read the full interview below.

Over the past decade, this band has experienced success, but nothing on par with what’s happened this year. Is this the best time to be in Paramore?
For sure. On every level. We keep learning what it means to be a band, both professionally and as friends in a band. It’s a constant learning process. We made a record that we were so proud of, and its success is so far beyond anything that we expected when we were writing it. So that’s incredibly satisfying, obviously, but on a personal level, I feel like our friendships are just constantly deepening, and becoming really important and vital.

“Ain’t It Fun” has become an anthem. When you first wrote it, did you have any idea it would become this massive?
We took so long making this album that we couldn’t help but be disconnected with what was going on with music at the time. It was about how we felt in the moment, what was inspiring us and what made us excited to be in a band again, and it’s so weird that those same songs are the ones that gave us the most success. Some of them are the poppiest things we’ve ever written…”Ain’t It Fun” was like word vomit; it just came out, and now everybody’s singing it, it’s on the radio, it’s really cool. I don’t know if you get that twice in your career. This is the first time we’ve experienced it, and I’m just really thankful.

So have you had a chance to actually enjoy any of this?
We all have. This year has been surprisingly calm, especially considering the song has been going wild. We did one tour at the beginning of the year, we did a cruise and now we’re on Monumentour. That’s kind of all we’ve done. We spent a lot of time at home, and it was really nice; real life is so different from the life you spend in a bus. Now I much prefer sitting on the back porch, being with family. I can tell, now more than ever, how much older I’ve gotten since we first started.

Paramore has never been bigger, yet, in a lot of ways, all of the success seems very organic. Has it been a struggle to do things on your terms?
We know when things don’t feel right. We’re all very close-knit on the road, and we are able to be honest with each other when something doesn’t feel true to the cause. Doing things like that fashion video that involved our crew guys, that keeps us enjoying every little moment, so it doesn’t become this big factory. That’s the stuff that’s important. Just like back in 2005, when we were writing back [to fans] on MySpace, if it feels real to us, then that’s how we gauge every step that we make.

Have you personally turned down offers that didn’t feel right?
In the beginning, I turned down tons of stuff; as soon as I turned 18, FHM magazine came to me. There’s been countless ridiculous things since then, and probably some cool opportunities that we just didn’t feel right about at the time. We sort of let ourselves bloom as people at the same time that we’ve let our band expand its territory. I think some of that has been in us, to know what feels right, a sense of what Paramore really is, but some of it, you grow into it. I’m not so sensitive about going out and doing certain things by myself these days, and the guys aren’t so sensitive about it either. And there’s something like the Teen Choice Awards, where we would have been like, “Oh, we don’t want to do a teen show” when we were actual teenagers and it probably would have made more sense. [Laughs]

In the past, you’ve been wary of being the focal point of the band. Is that still an issue?
You know, it depends. [Sometimes] we do TV spots, interviews, and we spend tons of time talking and you think that it feels very evenly spread out, you think that it feels deep and the questions are nice, and then it gets edited and then it’s just you, and it’s just asking about your hair. That’s the stuff that I get uncomfortable with.

There was a recent Nightline interview that certainly made mention of your hair…
Oh, well, that’s kind of what I’m referring to.

At the same time, you did “Stay the Night” with Zedd, and it went platinum. So what’s next, another Paramore album, or more solo stuff from you?
We want to make another record. Taylor’s writing all the time, and Jeremy writes quite a lot, too. I’m in that phase where I spend a lot of time journaling, and it’s usually a month or two of that before I start liking what I’m writing. It happens every album. So I think an album will happen as soon as we start writing things together that we’re like, “Yes, this feels awesome.” We’ve never finished a song we don’t like, so we have started songs, then been like, “You know what? Nah.” So we’re just waiting for that one to click, and then it will be really on. But the wheels are already turning.

As far as the little solo appearance things, I always judge based on how I feel about something in my gut. If a song like “Stay the Night” comes to me, it’s undeniable, but it has to feel right.

You’ve been fronting this band for a decade now. Has the job gotten easier or more difficult?
I’m still surprised when I feel uncomfortable with it after 10 years. It’s funny when I feel left out, or in the cold, and everyone’s focusing on me. Onstage, it’s so much about the music that I feel comfortable. But being the frontwoman is not an easy job, it’s something I’m really proud to be getting better at; performing really well, singing really well and speaking to the crowd – that’s the part I’m most nervous about, like “What do I say that makes me sound cool?” – but also trying to keep it the same way that it felt when we were in clubs. I want to connect, and so do Taylor and Jeremy. That’s our mission every night.

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New photos: Paramore performs in Detroit, MI

Paramore performed in Detroit, MI at DTE Energy Music Theatre last night. Our gallery has been updated with new photos from the show and meet & greet. Go here to see them all.


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New photos and video: Paramore visits The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

We updated earlier about Paramore’s visit to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The band was being interviewed and they also took photos and got to know the patients. We have now added more new photos from their visit into our gallery, check them all out here.

You can watch a video from their visit and interview below.


Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) was excited to welcome the band Paramore into Seacrest Studios. The band, who is currently on tour with Fall Out Boy, stopped by for a visit and to answer some patient questions. Taylor York, Jeremy Davis and lead singer Hayley Williams sat down for an interview and stuck around to take pictures and sign autographs before heading off to their show in Camden NJ.

The group who has been together for 10 years talked to us about how they all got started. Hayley admitted that when she first started singing she was very shy. “I didn’t like when people payed more attention to me than anyone else. I grew up playing in my room and never really wanted to play in front of people.” Jeremy Davis who plays the bass had a dad who played guitar and believe that being from Nashville helped him grow, saying that every one is very supportive with music there.

Paramore shared with us that a lot of their songs “are normally accidents” but they also try to write songs about things that people can relate to. We also found out that “Paramore” is actually a former band members mom’s maiden name, meaning “for love” or “secret love”

Paramore released their self titled fourth album in 2013 and told everyone in Seacrest Studios that it was the most fun they ever had writing and recording an album. As for touring with Fall Out Boy “We are a week into the tour and it’s going really great.” Hayley said “It’s like a big celebration every night.”

The three finished up their time at CHOP by giving some advice. “A lot of people are afraid of failing and you can’t be afraid of it” said Taylor when he was asked how someone can succeed in the music industry. “You have to have fun with it!”

Thank you Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy for hanging out with us at Seacrest Studios and good luck with the rest of your tour!

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