31 Aug 2008

the tour is over. [new LJ post]

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Well, the tour is over. Only a few more hours left… Paper Route were great as usual and the some of the guys and I just got offstage from rockin’ with Phantom Planet. Since when did I start using correct usage of capital letters in LJ posts? it stops here.

i’m stoked to watch Jack’s Mannequin tonight. i think they go on in about 10 minutes so i still have a little time left to finish this. this tour has gone by so quickly. 5 weeks felt like 2. we’ve done a lot of really cool things on the tour… i’m really happy with the way we did meet and greets. for once in a long time we actually got to hang out with people and talk to people passed “can i have a picture?” or “how are you?” thank you to everyone who came out to those. we loved it. one of my favorite nights was in cleveland.. hanging out behind the buses with the few dozen people that hung around til later after the show. again, i think just being able to have meaningful conversation with different people was rad and felt different than most times when we have to abide by certain time frames and “rules” like so many other meet and greets or contest winner type things. one other ridiculous moment for the band on this tour was playing a show with John Mayer. not only did we get to share a bill but he came out and played on “When It Rains”. i thought he sounded perfect. especially during his set. his band was flawless and as always his voice was even better live than it sounds on the records.

let’s see… what other cool things can we recap? OH! what about receiving our platinum records!? that just happened yesterday. i still don’t really believe it. like i said during last night’s show, we’ll post pictures as soon as we get some back. none of us had our cameras on us… jeremy might’ve gotten a picture on his new iphone. haha maybe he’ll post on on .net

speaking of iphones. i will not fall prisoner to the new 3G. sorry mr. steve jobs… i’m stickin with my sidekick. quick story though… all week the guys were trying to pressure me into the new iphone. they all said “you’ll have one by the time we leave NYC!” and of course i put my nose up to the sky! then, i’m hangin out in the city… tryin to get to Red Bamboo (faaaantastic vegan/veggie food – nope, i’m neither) and i get out of the cab and what do you know… my sidekick LX stayed put in the backseat of that taxi and for all i know it’s joyride has yet to end. now, i’m without my friend. you have no idea the amounts of pressure i’m still under to buy the 3G but i will not bend or break. SIDEKICK PRIDE!!! so now, i’m on the hunt for a new one. i’m thinking i’ll get it in LA next week. til then, my granny let me borrow her celly – THANKS GRANNY!!!

tomorrow we have a flight to seattle. we’re playing a big festival… bumbershoot, i believe! i’m siked to play with death cab for cutie. this will be the first time we’ve gotten to share a bill with those guys. hopefully, they’ll play a good bit off of the photo album. that was always my favorite. ben gibbards lyrics slay me.

hey! Jack’s Mannequin just went on. I GOTTA GO! i’ll post again soon. love you all. THANKS FOR A GREAT TOUR!


31 Aug 2008

New LJ post


update tomorrow, promise! i’m so tired right now. i’ve wanted to post all day… no time!
tour is officially over tomorrow. wow.

ok, check back tomorrow! love you guys


28 Aug 2008

Performance KDWB 101.3


26 Aug 2008

Paramore “Pre-Nominated” for the EMA’s

Paramore are “pre-nominated” in the categories of “New Act” and “Rock Out” at the MTV Europe Music Awards. The five artists with the most votes in each category will become the official 2008 EMA nominees.

26 Aug 2008

Paramore: The Final Riot!

26 Aug 2008

Brazil tickets / win a Riot! Edition hoodie! [new myspace blog]

Brazilian pre-sale tickets for Official Paramore Fan Club members go on sale Tuesday, August 26th. Not a member yet? JOIN NOW!

23/10/2008 São Paulo @ Credicard Hall
24/10/2008 Rio de Janeiro @ Citibank Hall

And click HERE and enter to win one of three Riot! Edition hoodies from Paramore and Hurley along with prize packs from Paramore, Phantom Planet and Fueled By Ramen including CDs, DVDs, vinyl, shirts and stickers – good luck!

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