23 Aug 2008

Interview and concert’s review!

Here you are the links:

22 Aug 2008

BIG NEWS: Playing the VMA’s! [New Myspace Blog]

BIG news…we are performing at the VMAs!! I can’t believe it! When I was a kid, I begged my mother to let me stay up and watch the VMA’s beginning to end. Once Britney took off her outfit and was creepin’ around in that see-through thing, I thought to myself, “well, hell, that’s the last I’ll see of MTV”. Now here we are, performers ourselves. Its such a huge honor and we really can’t wait!


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22 Aug 2008

Podcast: Paramore, Jack’s Mannequin, Phantom Planet, & Paper Route

You can find MP3 interviews to all the bands playing on this Final Riot! Tour HERE.

21 Aug 2008

Lots of Live pics from 2008

I’ve added loads of pictures from the latest Paramore shows to the gallery. They include live shots by fans and some meet&greet pictures. Thanks to all of the donators, your pictures sure make the gallery better. ;)

List of the albums that were updated today;
12.08.08 – Chicago, IL @ The Final RIOT! tour
13.08.08 – Sterling Heights, MI @ The Final RIOT! tour
15.08.08 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Final RIOT! tour
16.08.08 – Asbury Park, NJ @ The Final RIOT! tour
17.08.08 – Providence, RI @ The Final RIOT! tour

21 Aug 2008

New video up at!

Easy Cheese with Zac & Brandon

20 Aug 2008 has been chosen as site of the week at!

That’s right! Thank you so much Jennifer (:
Here is what they say about our site:

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Paramore Online is an international fansite for the band Paramore. They update extremely often, which is important for a fansite. My favorite part of their site is their media section. They have tons of downloadable videos, mostly in MP4 (iPod format) and also MPG. The other part of their media section is their (also downloadble) audios. This site has an updated gallery, graphics, a forum, and even small games. So have you figured it out? This is an extremely amazing site.

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